XStream® GPU Acceleration

Source: Remcom, Inc.

Built-in EM Simulation Acceleration via Graphics Processing Units
XStream tremendously improves EM simulation performance by leveraging the powerful NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) available in modern video cards to make ultra-fast FDTD numerical computations. Leveraging NVIDIA’s latest generation GPUs, XStream enables XF calculations to finish in minutes as compared to hours or even days using a CPU only. XStream capability is bundled at no additional cost with XF.

MPI + XStream for GPU Clusters

Exceptional performance is possible with XStream alone but is limited to the available resources of a single computer. Combining XStream with the power of MPI (Message Passing Interface) allows multiple computer nodes to work together using the memory and computing power of all GPUs in the group. Linking multiple GPU clusters in parallel massively increases processing speed and available memory. Whether you want to pool existing resources for cost savings or accelerate problems you never thought possible, MPI + XStream provides you with the market’s leading technology.

Performance Report of EM Simulation Acceleration Using MPI + GPU
We often are asked, “How can I allocate resources to obtain the fastest simulation?” or, “What are the performance advantages of hardware X over hardware Y?”  We are offering a report that quantifies the performance profile of XFdtd’s GPU and MPI technologies.  By running approximately 160 simulations on NVIDIA’s PSG Cluster, we demonstrate the pros and cons of different combinations of equipment and techniques, including cost considerations for those researching available hardware.  Click here to download the report.

You can view two examples demostrating XF's MPI + XStream capabilities: "Analysis of WiFi Propagation in Aircraft Interior," and "Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication demonstration."

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