Newsletter | November 30, 2023

11.30.23 -- Would You Bet Your Paycheck On Tomorrow's Weather Forecast?


Would You Bet Your Paycheck On Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast?

Weather forecasts are correct too often to ignore and wrong too often to rely on. But they are getting better – a five-day forecast today is as accurate as a one-day forecast was in 1980. What’s driving the improvement? Observation, supercomputers, and soon, phased array radar.


Power Solutions For Phased Radar

Gallium nitride (GaN) technology, with its higher power, wider bandwidth, and high breakdown voltage, has evolved and found a niche in radar systems, with PMICs simplifying its operational requirements.


The Importance Of HTOL And Burn-In Testing Methods

Because 5G base station locations are often exposed to extreme outdoor temperatures, test systems have been developed to help component manufacturers ensure intended quality and performance. Two test methods, high temperature operating life (HTOL) and burn-in testing, capture the two ends of the reliability characterization graph known as the “bathtub curve."

The Advantages Of Knowles Precision Devices’ Broadband Capacitors

While there are a number of broadband-blocking capacitors on the market today, many struggle to provide low insertion loss over a broad frequency range – but not Knowles Precision Devices’ Broadband Milli-Cap capacitor.

How Can Crest Factor Be Used To Assess Amplifier Linearity?

Crest factor (CF) is the ratio of a signal's peak amplitude to its average power. Analyzing an amplifier's input and output CF values can validate linear operation or determine nonlinearities in the system.


ITRI And 6G-SANDBOX Signs MoU To Propel 6G Innovations

SPX CommTech Announces New Compact Spectrum Monitoring Systems

Modelithics Introduces EDA Integrity Solutions As A Modelithics Reseller For Israel

Teledyne Relays Unveils Compact SP8T, DC-40 GHz Coaxial Switches

Saelig Introduces Siglent SDS7000A 4 Channel 12-Bit 4GHz MSO Oscilloscope Series

RTX, DARPA To Revolutionize Gallium Nitride Technology For Improved RF Sensors

BAE Systems Selected To Enhance GPS Technology On Eurofighter Typhoon

Fairview Microwave Expands Line Of Frequency Multipliers And Dividers

Airgain Expands Distribution Into Australasia With Logic Wireless Partnership

Keysight Strengthens Sim Support For Tower Semiconductor RF Process Technologies


Webinar: WaveFarer Radar Analysis With Diffuse Scattering And Backscatter

Learn about WaveFarer's new features for automotive and indoor radar applications, including diffuse scattering from rough surfaces such as roads and the ability to transmit through walls, windows, and more. Remcom demonstrates these and other new capabilities using a sample drive scenario as well as an indoor mmWave sensor scenario.


Field Intensity Calculation Tool

A.H. Systems' field intensity calculation tool assists in the calculation of field intensity levels required by certain specifications, required power amplifier and antenna combinations for new testing requirements, and safety (radiation hazard) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects.


RF Power Amplifier: KAW2020M16

The Model KAW2020M16 is a Class AB wideband RF power amplifier delivering in excess of 100 watts into a 50-ohm load over the frequency range of 220 MHz to 245 MHz. 

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AR Modular RF

Passive GaAs MMIC 14.10-17.85 GHz Bandpass Filter: MFBP-00009PSM

The MFBP-00009PSM family of passive MMIC surface mount bandpass filters is an ideal solution for small form factor, high rejection filtering.

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Marki Microwave

GaN Solid-State Power Amplifier Microwave Power Module: dB-8015

The innovative dB-8015 GaN solid-state power amplifier microwave power module operates in the 2.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency band and delivers 200 watts output power in CW operation at midband.

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dB Control

Sky5 Front-End Module For 4G And 5G Applications: SKY58277-31

The SKY58277-31 front-end module (FEM) for LTE and NR is a new addition to the Skyworks Sky5 portfolio of 5G technology products. This versatile and fully matched FEM supports ultra-high band 4G/5G and LTE/NR applications.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

18 - 26.5 GHz, 1.0 KW Min Solid-State, High-Power Pulse Amplifier: AMP4065P-1KW

The AMP4065P-1KW is a solid-state, high-power pulse amplifier designed for EMI/RFI, lab, and HIRF/pulse radar applications and features a cabinet-integrated system.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

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