News | November 20, 2023

SPX CommTech Announces New Compact Spectrum Monitoring Systems For Faster, Better Decision-Making

With the arrival of 5G, 6G and the increase in network density, the new TCI 753 and 759 Compact Spectrum Monitoring Systems provide real-time, efficient spectrum monitoring, management and optimization for telecommunications regulators

Radio Frequency (RF) solutions manufacturer TCI, part of SPX CommTech, today announces its new 753 and 759 Compact Spectrum Monitoring Systems, allowing regulators to monitor the spectrum in real-time, simplify spectrum management, and reduce cost in an increasingly complex environment.

Part of TCI’s Future of Spectrum Monitoring offering, the 753 and 759 are compact, single-box solutions providing high-speed processing and game-changing capabilities. They allow regulators to increase their spectrum monitoring efficiency with fewer resources while aiding their transition from a reactive to a Proactive Spectrum Monitoring (PSM) strategy. PSM is an integrated approach that leverages real-time RF monitoring, lookback recording, centralised big data collection, analytics and machine learning to increase spectrum utilization, address bandwidth scarcity, and mitigate interference.

When used with TCI’s Scorpio graphical interface management software and Spectrum Surveyor tools, TCI 753 and 759 enable operators to automate routine monitoring tasks and simplify sophisticated signal surveying and interference analysis. They are purpose-built to harness TCI’s latest Signal Identification and Classification and Spectrum Surveyor software for big data integration, analysis and reporting.

Together with Scorpio the spectrum monitoring systems deliver the most powerful automation available and enable the fine-grained analysis of the radio spectrum at the block, local, regional and national levels. This allows regulators to solve today’s spectrum management and scarcity challenges, drive higher spectrum utilization, and win with data.

With abundant on-board storage, multi-channel recording and processing, both the 753 and 759 enable regulators to proactively undertake detailed, long-term observation of spectrum occupancy patterns to identify and drive new regulatory policies, review past spectrum issues and predict future ones. This is achieved even within remote locations with poor network coverage where frequent data collection, analysis, and transmission are challenging. Their IP67 housing offers all-weather flexible deployment options ranging from transportable, mobile, and fixed outdoor installations.

Furthermore, the 759 incorporates two-channel Direction Finding (DF) technology that increases accuracy and scan speed. With the second reference channel continually monitoring, operators can listen-in on the signal during DF operations as well as accomplishing other monitoring tasks.

Each system integrates Digital Down Converters (DDC) that isolate and capture the precise signal of interest. The use of DDCs optimize both on-board memory and data transfer requirements, enabling high speed IQ data signal analysis, modulation classification, and demodulation analysis functions.

“This is one more building block in our roadmap to providing customers with scalable, future-proof tools to efficiently monitor the increasingly challenging RF environment,” says Ann Bustamante, VP of SMS and ASMS Sales at TCI. “By automating functions and enabling big data collection and analysis, we’re making it possible for regulators to simplify tasks and become much more cost-effective in their approach.”

TCI 753 and 759 Compact Spectrum Monitoring Systems are now available to purchase. For more information visit:

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