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09.28.23 -- Why The U.S. Military Is "Struggling To Modernize"


Why The U.S. Military Is “Struggling To Modernize”

Since World War II, there has been no more urgent demand for the service to adopt new technologies and weapon systems than the formidable Chinese military threat. So, what’s standing in the way?

Nuclear Dreams: The Race To Build Project Orion

Project Orion was a conceptual design for a spacecraft propulsion system that was developed during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Ambitious and innovative, the project's goal was to develop a spacecraft capable of carrying humans to distant destinations – including Mars and beyond – using nuclear explosions for propulsion.


Facts About Noise Figure In 5G And Defense Systems

System designers are always looking for simple solutions for their complex system designs. This article is a practical guide to reducing design complexity while meeting those tough noise figure requirements for 5G infrastructure, defense, and aerospace applications.

Booster Amplifiers Maximize Warfighter Situational Awareness

Booster amplifiers, used in support or in place of other technologies, are a cost-effective, SWaP-conscious, and field-proven tool to extend radio communications ranges in tactical situations.

5G Communications Vs. Aircraft Altimeter Operations

On Jan. 19, 2022, many international airlines canceled or delayed flights to major U.S. airports where they believed 5G signals could possibly interfere with the radar signals required to properly operate landing equipment on their planes. Working through this potential interference issue is critical because 5G is not going anywhere.

The Need For Direct RF In An Evolving Defense Environment

This white paper explores why it is important to move toward direct RF, discusses its capabilities and applications, and shows how innovative products like those from Mercury Systems can help make the DoD’s vision a reality.


WCDMA PA Bias Method For Lower Junction Temperature: SKY65120

This application note describes how SKY65120 may be used with reduced bias control to obtain better thermal performance.

Using Spherical Air Bearings In Satellite Testing

The frictionless nature of spherical air bearings partially simulates a zero-g environment, allowing a satellite's pitch, roll, and yaw control systems to work as they would in space without resorting to traditional drop testing or other cumbersome and expensive test simulations.

Shielding Effectiveness Test Guide

Many products incorporate electronics and wireless communications and need RF interference testing. This requires shielding enclosures that need proper testing to ensure their correct operation.

Design Of Rugged High-Voltage Power Supplies For Use In Low Noise Multimode Radar Transmitter Sub-Systems

A radar transmitter is generally required to amplify a low noise coherent RF waveform. This paper covers an approach to the design of high-voltage power supply units for operating traveling wave tube amplifiers in pulse doppler radar transmitter sub‐systems where ultra-low noise RF output is mandatory.


iCana launches Beamforming IC For 5G mmWave Applications At EuMW 2023

KP Performance Antennas Launches Advanced Vehicle GPS Antennas

Euroquartz Launches Statek Stable Reference Crystal Oscillators

Qorvo® Announces Industry’s Smallest Low Voltage Transmit Module For Cellular IoT

Gapwaves And NXP Collaborate On High Performance Radar System Solution

NETGEAR Brings WiFi 7 To Its Flagship Orbi Family, Unleashing Elite Connectivity

Keysight Launches VSG For Dense Wideband Multichannel Applications

Rohde & Schwarz, IMST Show Active Antenna Array OTA-Testing For Satellite Terminals

Fairview Microwave Unveils Hermetically Sealed RF Connectors And Adapters

Pasternack Launches Low-Frequency Waveguide Standard Gain Horns

Cadence To Acquire Intrinsix Corporation From CEVA


AR Modular RF For Rugged Military Applications

AR Modular RF offers battle tested components at high performance levels under extreme conditions. With proven field operability, AR Modular has your back in all types of rugged military applications.


Power Dividers Primer

Power dividers are passive devices used to perform many functions, including splitting or combining signals in amplifiers, switching circuits, and antenna beamforming networks in applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed, or controlled.


Coaxial EM Switches For Airborne, Ground, And Naval Defense Applications

CEI is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of military grade RF switches. Our switches are used in numerous defense projects such as the F35 fighter, U.S. Army Gray Eagle, Patriot missile, and other programs.

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dB Control

Directional Coupler: 184030

KRYTAR’s latest addition, Model 184030, enhances the selection of multi-purpose, stripline designs that exhibit excellent coupling over the K- and Ku-bands’ frequency range of 18.0 to 40.0 GHz in a single compact and lightweight package.

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Assembly With 10 RF Switches: 75SA-030

The 75SA-030 is a 10-switch assembly from JFW Industries.

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JFW Industries, Inc.

10 MHz – 6 GHz LPN RF Amplifier: HX2600

The Holzworth HX2600 is a broadband, ultra-low phase noise RF amplifier designed for use as a pre-amplifier for phase noise measurements of devices with low output power.

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Wireless Telecom Group

18 - 26.5 GHz, 10-W Min Solid-State, High-Power Amplifier: AMP4032A

The AMP4032A solid-state, high-power amplifier features an operating frequency range of 18 to 26.5 GHz and delivers a power output of over 12 watts at Psat and a minimum of 10 watts at P1dB.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

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