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12.14.23 -- Why Space Force Is Launching Its Own Satellite Swarm


Why Space Force Is Launching Its Own Satellite Swarm

The U.S. Space Force is revolutionizing satellite deployment, transitioning from costly singular satellites to swarms of smaller, more agile ones for enhanced defense against rival nations' missile threats. Will the switch change the way the USSF does business, or is it simply changing the culture of the agency?


Fast Steering Mirrors For Free Space Optical Communications

Fast fine steering mirrors keep laser beams stabilized and pointed in the right direction, making sure they reach their targets exactly, over thousands of miles.

Implementation Margin Of A Satellite Communication System

Learn how to determine a satellite communication system's implementation margin, defined as signal degradation after traveling through the up and downlink equipment, using an EbNo generator.

XFdtd Analysis Of A Ku-Band Satellite Antenna Array For Mobile Devices

In this example, a satellite antenna originally designed for X-band operation is modified to reduce the overall size, allowing it to fit on a mobile device.

Fast And Reliable Power Measurements In The Satellite Industry

In the satellite sector, components, subsystems, and entire satellites must be qualified in a thermal vacuum chamber to prove that they can survive and function during launch and in space.


What Are Bias Filter And Self-Bias Networks?

Discover how bias filter and self-bias networks play a crucial role in ensuring RF amplifiers operate efficiently, maintain linearity, and minimize noise/interference.

Amplifier Considerations To Support The Mobile User Objective System

The incorporation of more modern waveforms into SATCOM and tactical radio designs drives improved performance but demands more from the hardware and ancillary products supporting their operation.

Suggested PCB Land Pattern Designs For Leaded And Leadless Packages

Take a look at a collection of sample dimensions of PCB land patterns for different packages, including leaded and leadless ones.


Guerrilla RF Formally Releases New 5 To 8 GHz LNA

MtronPTI Precision Frequency Control Solutions For Electronic Warfare (EW) Applications

Rohde & Schwarz Supports The Digitalization Of The German Armed Forces

Epiq Solutions Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered SDR Platforms For Edge Applications

Mu-Del Electronics Receives Production Contract For Navy Surveillance Program

Quectel Launches SG520B Series Of 5G Sub-6GHz Smart Modules

EnGenius Adds A New SD-WAN Cloud Gateway

AT&T To Accelerate Open And Interoperable RAN Through Collaboration With Ericsson

Aalyria Wins ESA Contract To Build O-RAN Compliant Orchestration Platform

Fairview Microwave Unveils Premium Waveguide Calibration Kits

Keysight Enables Validation Of Arbe 4D Imaging Radar Chipset


5G & Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

5G Wi-Fi 6E devices and cellular infrastructure have evolved with more complex multi-band transceivers and new frequency bands that wireless test engineers must address. In this video, learn about JFW test systems, components, and customization offerings.


dBm, Volts, Watts Conversion Tool

If you're working with a 50-ohm system and need to convert units from decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to volts or watts, you can save time and effort by using this convenient online calculator. 


Millimeter-Wave High-Power Amplifiers

Explore millimeter-wave high-power amplifier (HPA) solutions for ECM, EW, radar, datalink, and SATCOM markets, including Q-band, V-band, E-band, and W-band solutions.

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dB Control

0 dB DC – 40 GHz MMIC Attenuator: ATN00-0040PSM

The ATN00-0040PSM is a surface mount GaAs MMIC 0 dB attenuator in a DFN package. This attenuator is an ideal solution for attenuating a signal and can be used in a wide range of applications. 

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Marki Microwave

1.0-18.0 GHz, 3 W Solid-State Benchtop Power Amplifier

The AMP2087-1 solid-state high-power amplifier is a small form factor benchtop system that boasts an ultra-broadband hybrid design, ensuring seamless performance across various modulation standards.

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