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03.26.24 -- Which Is Best: GaN, GaAs, Or SiGe | GaAs Schottky Diode Limiters | Why Digital Triggering Matters


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GaN, GaAs, Or SiGe – Which Is The Best Semiconductor Material?

GaN, GaAs, and SiGe offer unique properties for various semiconductor applications. Which is best? The answer might surprise you.


What You Need To Know About GaN Technology

GaN technology stands out thanks to its high-current, high-voltage capabilities. Its unique properties make it the go-to technology in everything from 5G to automotive, lighting, radar, and more.

Microelectronics Powering The New Space Economy

With GaN amplifiers for space, radiation-tolerant data recorders and other technologies, the new space economy is well-positioned to decrease costs, opening the doors to a host of new applications.

Recovery Time Of GaAs Schottky Diode Limiters

Discover how limiters safeguard circuits in Tx/Rx systems while mitigating self-jamming issues, with a spotlight on cutting-edge GaAs Schottky diode technology.


Selecting Your Next Oscilloscope: Why Digital Triggering Matters

Many people tend to overlook the importance of triggering while selecting an oscilloscope, but it's actually a crucial factor to consider. Digital triggering can offer some significant advantages.

Skills For The Coming Market - RF Design

You don’t need to know how to design every RF printed circuit or build MMICs, you can certainly avoid respins and ensure RF signal integrity by understanding these key design points.


Mercury Announces Early Access Program For New Direct RF Multi-Chip Module

STI-CO Announces Strategic Merger And Technological Investment

Infinite Electronics Announces Intent To Sell KP Performance Antennas And RadioWaves

DoD Extends Contract For ORAN-Based Private 5G Networks Through 2025

PAWR Announces 5G Open RAN Testing With Mavenir At POWDER Testbed

ThinKom And Telesat Expand Agreement For Low Earth Orbit Operations

NETGEAR Unveils Tri-Band WiFi 7 Access Point WBE750 For Connected Businesses

Space Grade EMI Filters Introduced By Spectrum Control

KRYTAR Announces 2 Dual-Directional Couplers

DEV Systemtechnik GmbH Joins The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI)

u-blox ANNA-B112 Bluetooth 5 Module Provides Power-Efficient Connectivity


2-Way, 4-Way, 8-Way Power Divider Models

The 2-way, 4-way, and 8-way power divider models operate in the 500 to 8400 MHz range and feature a reactive type design that has low loss and isolation of 18 dB typical.

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JFW Industries, Inc.

GaN Solid-State Power Amplifier Microwave Power Module: dB-8015

The innovative dB-8015 GaN solid-state power amplifier microwave power module operates in the 2.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency band and delivers 200 Watts output power in CW operation at midband.

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dB Control

AEC-Q200 Leaded Standoff MLCC For Automotive Applications

Metal Frame J-Lead Terminal MLCC components offer enhanced performance under critical testing conditions, including thermal shock and mechanical vibrations.

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Knowles Precision Devices DLI

X-Band RF Transmitter: VSX3717

CPI’s VSX3717 is an air- or liquid-cooled 4.0 kW X-band solid-state power amplifier optimized for pulse radars. This amplifier utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent pulse fidelity. The result is excellent AM/PM, phase-noise, and spectral regrowth performance.

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