Newsletter | October 18, 2023

10.18.23 -- What Are MPMs? What Can They Offer My Design?

An Introduction To Microwave Power Modules

In 1991, the U.S. military initiated the Microwave Power Module (MPM) program to enhance the development of microwave tube technology by combining vacuum electronics and solid-state technologies. Let's take a closer look at what exactly an MPM is and how it was initially created.

Utilizing Modern Day MPMs For High-Power And High-Efficiency

Defense contractors must choose between solid-state and traveling wave tube (TWT) devices for RF signal amplification. Modern microwave power modules (MPMs) offer both technologies, providing efficient, compact, and reliable high-power transmission.

The Ultimate Guide To Electromechanical Switch Terminology

It is crucial to understand common RF electromechanical switch terminology when choosing a coaxial switch. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with switches used in various industries, including commercial, military, and wireless.

Highly Reliable Coaxial Switches With Options For Countless Applications

Device designers accustomed to a lack of coaxial switch options — this switch can only handle low power, or that one only offers momentary actuation — may not realize that a wide variety of options-packed coaxial switches are available through a single supplier.

How To Save Time And Money Sourcing Switches For RF Applications

While both electromechanical (EM) and PIN diode switches are commonly used across a bevy of RF applications, they are not typically offered by a single organization because each is manufactured and assembled using vastly different techniques. However, one company has come up with a solution.


High-Performance Microwave Power Modules

Highly efficient microwave power modules (MPMs) offer compact, customizable, and versatile microwave amplification across a wide frequency range, meeting stringent size and weight requirements while maintaining power and performance.

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