Webinar | September 14, 2022

Webinar: 112 Gbps PAM4 Front Panel Connectivity - Real World Implementation And Correlation

Webinar: 112 Gbps PAM4 Front Panel Connectivity - Real World Implementation And Correlation

The road to 112 Gbps PAM4 channels, the basis for 800 Gbps front panel connectivity, is filled with twists, turns and demanding decisions. Design challenges including breakout regions, PCB stack-up, laminate selection, mechanical concerns, and more are obstacles that must be overcome.

Additionally, correlating real-world channels with simulated data offers designers, engineers, and system architects design assurance of next-gen front panel connectivity solutions. In this webinar, technical experts from Rohde & Schwarz and Samtec will presenting novel solutions that exceed the demands of next generation data transmission.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Introduction to novel high-density front panel connectivity options
  • Performance comparison of novel and MSA-compliant front panel connectivity solutions at 112 Gbps PAM4 data rates 
  • How to model and de-embed test fixtures using Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)
  • How to display a PAM4 eye diagram for a channel using a VNA

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Greg Vaught
VNA Product Planning Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz
Greg Vaught is a VNA Strategic Product Planning Engineer for Rohde & Schwarz. He has been with Rohde & Schwarz for the past 17 years. Before that he worked for multiple companies in the cellular base station industry. He holds a BSEE degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and MSEE from Illinois Tech.

Matthew Burns
Technical Marketing Manager, Samtec 
Matthew Burns develops go-to-market strategies for Samtec’s Silicon to Silicon solutions. Over the course of 20+ years, he has been a leader in design, technical sales and marketing in the telecommunications, medical and electronic components industries. Mr. Burns holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.

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