VHF/UHF Base Station Amplifier System: KAW5050

Source: AR Modular RF

VHF/UHF Base Station Amplifier System: KAW5050 Image

The KAW5050 Class AB Wideband Power Amplifier System is ideal for VHF/UHF base station applications. A power amplifier, controller sub-system, and an AC power supply unit are all included in the unit. The system mounts into a standard 19-inch equipment rack and has been designed for installation on optional telescoping slides.

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This base station amplifier system operates in the 225 MHz to 400 MHz frequency range, has a 1000 Watts PEP power output (500 Watts CW), 13 dB minimum gain, 50 Ohm nominal input/output impedance, a T/R switchover time of 25 mS, a -68 dBm (typical) noise figure, and more.

The system features forward and reflected power indication on a front panel-mounted, LED meter; Automatic Level Control (ALC); overdrive protection; full VSWR protection; input blanking, and over-temperature protection. On the basic model these features, plus remote power on/off control, are accessible for hard-wire remote operation through a 15-pin, D-subminiature connector. Additionally Ethernet is available for remote control.

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