Military customers demand mission critical solutions—it comes with the territory. We provide proven, dependable tactical amplifier solutions for our customers so that they have the confidence that their radios will perform in the heat of battle.

AR Modular RF designs and builds some of the most durable, innovative, dependable, and versatile RF amplifier Modules, Tactical Booster amplifiers and RF amplifier systems in the world serving the most sensitive military and other such communication applications.

The tactical Booster amplifiers dramatically extend and improve the coverage of military radios covering the frequencies from 30 MHz – 3 GHz, covering 20 to1000 CW watts and  , 4000 Watts PEP in the HF, VHF, and UHF bands while supporting modern and emerging tactical waveforms. Lightweight, extremely durable and easy to use, these Battle-Tested amplifiers save lives allowing communications beyond the wire.  The rack mount configurable systems are validated and ready for quick prototyping to meet customer needs and expectations. Whenever there is a need for an RF Amplifier that plays a critical role in wireless radio communications, military communications, electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, homeland security, medical, scientific or industrial application AR Modular RF stands by to support you. With over 50 years of experience in the RF industry when companies purchase from AR Modular RF they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the global leader will be there to help with any problems today, tomorrow and always.


At IEEE EMC SIPI 2018, AR demonstrates its new “AA” Series produce field strengths up to 50V/m in two band-specific models over the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range when driven with a suitable signal generator.

In this video, Sangam Baligar discusses multi-tone testing and the impact it has on time consumption and Return on Investment.

At the 2018 EMC SIPI Show, Rob Rowe discusses the AR web-enabled amplifier that can be controlled remotely without buying any new software.

EMC TV interviews Joe DiBiase on the different advantages that AR’s systems offers to customers.