Man-Portable Tactical Radio Amplifiers: AR-20, AR-20KT, and AR-20KT-DUAL

Tactical Networking Amplifier: AR-20

Model AR-20 is a man-portable, lightweight, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band VHF/UHF Tactical Radio equipment. Covering the frequency range of 30-512 MHz, the AR-20 produces 20 Watts from a 1 to 2 Watts PEP radio input. Designed for use with networking formats like ANW2, WNW and SRW, the amplifier is dual voltage/dual purpose capable. Input voltage range of 12-35V. The amplifier can run off of a single tactical man pack battery or it can be hard wired into a 12V or 24V vehicle. This allows the amp to be man packed or hardwired into a civilian vehicle or military vehicle without any additional DC-DC conversion.

It also includes voltage spike suppression, over temperature protection, RF sensing, T/R switching, automatic level control (ALC), harmonic filters, co-site filters and protection against antenna mismatch.

The AR-20 also has a built-in internal LNA that can be switched on or off by the front panel switch to improve SATCOM receive performance and has been tested with the Harris PRC-152A and the Thales JEM/MBITR tactical radios.

The amplifier has over temperature protection where if it reaches a preset over temperature level, the amplifier self protects by going into a by-pass mode. The radio signals can still be transmitted and received but no amplification will occur. Once the amplifier cools down to a specific temperature the amplifier will automatically turn itself back on and start to amplify again. No manual over-temperature reset required since it is all automatic.

The amplifier is waterproof and available with KT and KT-Dual options.

Download the datasheet for more product features and specifications.