SAS-550-1B Battery Operated Active Monopole - 9 KHz - 60 MHz

Source: A.H. Systems

The SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna is an active, general-purpose, receive-only antenna that covers 9 KHz - 60 MHz frequency range. It is ideal for instantaneous bandwidth scanning (without tuning) of electric fields in its frequency range and can drive any receiver with 50-ohm input impedance.

This antenna is an ideal solution to perform FCC, MIL-STD and TEMPEST tests. The SAS-550-1B comes with a telescoping rod, ground plane, high impedance matched preamplifier and battery charger.

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Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 60 MHz
Maximum Continuous Power: N/A
Impedance: 50 W
Max Radiated Field: N/A
Connector: BNC-Type, female
Mounting Base: 1/4 - 20 Thread, female
Individually Calibrated (Calibration included per ARP-958)
High Sensitivity
Battery Pack and Charger

Physical Dimensions:
Ground Plane Dimensions: 18 in. X 18 in. (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm)
Rod Length: 8.5 in. - 43 in. (21.6 cm x 109.2 cm)
Weight: 4.7 lb.'s (2.13 kg)

Supplied Accessories
Battery Charger