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This collection of videos showcases interesting applications and features of Remcom’s 3D electromagnetic simulation software and wireless propagation tools. Included are short clips that briefly show a feature, as well as longer tutorial "how-to" videos.

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Simulation Of Massive MIMO Beamforming In An Urban Small Cell

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) is a key technology for future 5G systems.  This includes Massive MIMO, which would use large antenna arrays to transmit data to multiple devices within a small cell in the same frequency band. This webinar uses Wireless InSite’s MIMO simulation capability to predict the multipath and channel characteristics for a Massive MIMO system in an urban small cell.  Beamforming techniques are applied to the simulation results in order to predict the beams to several mobile devices and observe how the beams change as one device moves along a route through the city. 

Detailed Indoor Channel Modeling with Diffuse Scattering For 5G Millimeter-Wave Wireless Networks

This webinar demonstrates Wireless InSite’s diffuse scattering capability.  An indoor office environment is used to show specific key effects of diffuse scattering, including its impact on complex impulse response and increased cross-polarization of received signals.

Introduction To MIMO Capability In Wireless InSite

Wireless InSite MIMO accurately predicts multipath between transmitting and receiving elements with precision and reveals key channel characteristics in a timely manner.  With optimizations that minimize runtime and memory constraints, Wireless InSite efficiently simulates even the large arrays present in Massive MIMO systems.  This webinar will walk through an indoor propagation example to demonstrate the Wireless InSite workflow with a special focus on the new MIMO capability.

Massive MIMO Beamforming In Motion

These video animations show a beam formed from a massive MIMO base station to a mobile device moving along a route, in the presence of 15 other stationary devices.  MRT maximizes the beam to the intended device, while ZF beamforming attempts to also minimize the interference to the other devices.

Demonstration of Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization in XFdtd

This video gives a demonstration of Full Wave Antenna Matching Circuit Optimization using XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer (CEO). The antenna matching circuit design flow is discussed, including CEO's analysis of a given PCB layout. Predicted S-parameters and optimal component value results for two different frequency bands are also shown.

XFdtd and Optenni Lab Integration for Matching Circuit Design

Remcom's XFdtd 3D EM simulator integrates with Optenni Lab for antenna matching circuit optimization. This brief video shows the highlights of the workflow and integration using a GPS and Bluetooth mobile device antenna.

XFdtd Tutorial Video: Bow Tie Antenna

This 8-minute XFdtd getting started video details the triangle geometry construction of a bow tie antenna in Remcom’s FDTD 3D EM simulator, including the component placement of a voltage source driving the antenna. This video for new users also offers XFdtd orientation including accessing the User’s Guide and the XF project assistant work-flow checklist.

Tuning a Microstrip Lens in Rotman Lens Designer (RLD) and Options for Importing to XFdtd

In this video, a Remcom engineer walks through the steps to set up and tune a Ku Band microstrip lens in Rotman Lens Designer (RLD).

Wind Turbines and Aircraft in the Presence of Ground Clutter

This short animation shows predicted RCS from an air traffic control radar with an aircraft flying over a wind farm, before and after the static ground clutter (returns from terrain) are filtered out.

How to Build a Rectangular Waveguide: Video Summary

This video is a tutorial that shows a rectangular waveguide being built using XF7’s modeling techniques.  You will learn how to use XF7’s built-in materials library, create the waveguide interface, solve for and display lowest-order TE modes, and display the field results.

Video: Waveguide Ports in XFdtd

Remcom’s XFdtd® is 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software. This video highlights its ability to work with waveguide ports and includes information on the software’s features, its waveguide interface types, and type of information it’s able to record, and more.

XFdtd’s XACT Accurate Cell Technology

This video clip shows the difference between large and small mesh settings and how XACT creates an ideal balance of accurate mesh and smaller problem size.

Wireless InSite Intro Series: Advanced Floor Plan Editing

This video expands a basic floor plan design into a six-story office building. Wireless InSite's duplication tools make it easy to add levels and floors to the model. In addition, the creation of stairwells and a central glass atrium with a peaked roof are shown.

Wireless InSite Intro Series: Creating and Editing Indoor Floor Plans

This video introduces Wireless InSite's Floor Plan tools and shows the user how to create and edit an indoor environment. The demonstration includes the placement of walls, doorways, and windows, along with material selection from Wireless InSite's material database. In addition to the 2D floor plan editor, the video also demonstrates how to make edits within the 3D display

Wireless InSite Intro Series: Defining and Placing Receiver Sets

This video demonstrates the antenna sets within Wireless InSite and walks users through the available options. Users will also learn how to assemble an antenna set and choose their antenna pattern. The video also covers Wireless InSite's visualization tools, which allow the user to see how their antennas are oriented within the antenna set.

Wireless InSite Intro Series: User Defined And Imported Antenna Patterns In Wireless InSite

This video explores Wireless InSite's basic antenna functionality. Users will be introduced to several built-in antenna types and will also learn how to import their own user-defined antenna patterns. The video also showcases Wireless InSite's built in functionality for defining and visualizing antenna patterns within the software.

Moving Vehicle Antenna Analysis Using Wireless InSite and Real Time Module

Using Wireless InSite and the Real Time Module, this video demonstrates a vehicle-mounted antenna moving through a city and how its patterns are affected by buildings.

Antenna Design And Real World Analysis With XFdtd And Wireless InSite

This video shows how XF7 and Wireless InSite are easily integrated to allow a designer complete freedom in the creation, simulation and analysis of an antenna. A monopole antenna is prototyped and placed on the roof of a sedan in XF7. The resulting simulation is then imported into Wireless InSite in order to analyze the energy propagation in a real city.

Using XFdtd And XGtd To Design And Analyze A Helical Antenna On A Satellite

Using the pre-loaded scripting library in XFdtd, this video demonstrates simulation of a helical antenna, which is then imported into XGtd for analysis on a satellite. See how XFdtd's scripting language helps to quickly automate advanced modeling tasks. After the 3D far field pattern is imported into XGtd, the video shows how the software calculates the interaction of the antenna with an electrically large object -- in this case a satellite.


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