R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope

R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope

The new R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope is the most compact lab oscilloscope for multi-domain applications. This device is used to check advanced embedded designs, and enables developers to analyze the interaction between functional units such as power supplies, the processor system, and the sensor technology. The oscilloscope is unmatched in displaying the correlations between time, frequency, protocol, and logic analysis measurement results.

The R&S RTO2000 displays the signal in the time and frequency domain, and in the spectrogram when required, through the analog input channels. New functions include peak list, maximum hold detectors, and a logarithmic display that makes frequency analysis more efficient. The zone trigger enables the graphical separation of events in the time and frequency domain, allowing the ability to define up to eight zones of any shape. This device is the first oscilloscope in this class to offer a memory of up to 2 Gsample, which is useful for the history function, and provides access to previously acquired waveforms at any time.

Download the brochure for more features and specifications on the R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope.

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