R&S®EPL1000 EMI Test Receiver

Rohde - EPL1000

The R&S EPL1000 is the perfect device for quick, precise and compliant EMI measurements up to 30 MHz. With the added features of a spectrum analyzer and a signal and tracking generator, the R&S®EPL1000 is ideal for various lab applications.

The R&S EPL1000 fully complies with CISPR16-1-1. The very fast time domain scan can check the complete CISPR bands A or B in a single shot. Built-in preselection ensures a high dynamic range and enables the acquisition of short pulses. The R&S®EPL1000 offers a spectrogram function, IF analysis and further functions for detailed analysis.

Automation simplifies measurements and ensures exact reproducibility of test sequences. These and many more functions make the R&S®EPL1000 ideal for conducted voltage and current measurements. Typical applications include precompliance measurements, precertification and certification in line with IEC, EN, CISPR and FCC.

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