Phase Noise Analyzer And VCO Tester: R&S®FSWP


Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S FSWP phase noise tester can measure the spectral purity of signal sources such as generators, synthesizers and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) more quickly than with any other solution. The high-end instrument covers a frequency range up to 50 GHz and offers a top dynamic range. It features an extremely low phase noise of its local oscillator coupled with cross-correlation that makes it possible to easily measure signal sources that in the past required complex test setups or could not be measured at all.

The R&S FSWP performs complex measurements at the push of a button and features intuitive touchscreen operation with its fully digital signal processing. It can quickly and easily measure the phase noise of pulsed sources as well as residual phase noise under pulsed conditions. The R&S FSWP is ideal for both aerospace and defense and automotive applications, specifically for manufacturers of radar components and synthesizers. Thanks to its additional voltage sources, the R&S FSWP is also ideal for measuring VCOs in research and development and, thanks to its high measurement speed, also in production.

Download the full datasheet for more features and specifications.

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