Webinar | February 27, 2023

On-Demand Webinar: Digital Design & Test Series

GettyImages-961577504 - Rohde  - Digital Design & Test

Today’s world is driven by the latest industrial and economic technologies and trends such as IoT, Industry 4.0 and green energy on the one hand, and by fundamental changes in personal lifestyle such as e-health, e-mobility, smart homes, smart cities and social media on the other hand.

All these trends create a strong demand for a new generation of electronic devices that address the challenging requirements of wearability, mobility, connectivity, performance, power efficiency, robustness and highest data rates. As a direct result of these demands, electronic engineers currently face ever more complex challenges when designing and developing integrated board architectures.

In this five-part series, our technical experts discuss and demonstrate basic design engineering measurement techniques for a broad range of applications including signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI debug.

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