Newsletter | September 6, 2023

09.06.23 -- Navigating The Waves

A Practical Overview Of Antenna Parameters

Antennas are an essential part of communication technology, and understanding their parameters is crucial for optimal performance. In this article, we'll explore the key antenna parameters you need to know to get the most out of your system. Let's dive in!

Diving Deeper Into Antenna Near-Field And Far-Field

To determine the boundaries of an antenna's near-field and far-field regions, various methods can be used depending on factors such as intended use and required accuracy. It's crucial to consider these factors for optimal results.

Why Connections Can Ruin Testing & How To Create A Valid Test Environment

To get accurate RF testing results, it's important to consider how connectors can affect outcomes. Creating a valid test environment that accounts for these effects is essential for reliable and consistent testing.

Understanding Antenna Gain, Beamwidth, And Directivity

Antenna gain is a performance indicator gauged in comparison to a reference source. This article explains antenna gain and dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding this valuable metric.

The Importance Of Antenna Beamwidth In RF Testing

Understanding antenna beamwidth is essential for accurate compliance testing. This article defines beamwidth, explores its properties, and emphasizes its impact on test environments.