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02.15.24 -- Love In The Lab: 3 Couples Who Were More Than Just Lab Partners


Love In The Lab: 3 Couples Who Were More Than Just Lab Partners

When the scientist in Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” exclaimed, “Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!”, it didn’t mark the first time love found its way into a lab. Couples have been mixing amor and research for centuries and here, we take a look at five famous pairings – some of which resulted in Nobel Prizes!


Impedance Matching In Transmission Lines

Long interconnects need impedance matching to ensure power transfer and prevent reflection. Explore how you can evaluate impedance matching in simulations.

Understanding Equivalent Series Resistance And Q Factor

Equivalent series resistance (ESR) and quality factor (Q factor) are important figures in circuit design and understanding their value is key. Learn more about the roles of both factors.

Typical RF Related Formula Conversion Guide

Discover a comprehensive list of conversion factors utilized for EMI, EMC, and RF applications, including their derivation and the reasons for their use.

How To Save Time And Money Sourcing Switches For RF Applications

Being able to procure both EM switches and PIN diode switches from a single U.S.-manufactured source provides increased flexibility and access to expertise for customers.


Support Heavy Equipment Designs With Waterproof IP67 RP-TNC Connectors

Fairview Microwave Introduces Trihedral Corner Reflectors

Ericsson, Elisa, Qualcomm Hit High Speeds For Uplink-Heavy Apps In Live 5G SA Network

Parallel Wireless, Padtec Introduce Greenran Solution Suite In Brazil, Latin America

New SOSA Aligned ATR Enclosure Features Front Loaded Design

AmpliTech Group’s AGTGSS Division Unveils New 5G High-Speed Network In A Box (NIB)

Thermopad Selector Tool Now Available

Sivers Semiconductors Granted €0.6M Grant From European Space Agency

ADRF’s SDRX Series 5G Repeaters Now Support C-Band And 2.5GHz BRS

Keysight Expands Signal Source Analyzer Portfolio For Multiple Digital Applications


Dynamic Matched Antenna Using XFdtd’s Schematic Editor

In this video tutorial, an antenna's intrinsic impedance is simulated for two conditions — in free space and against a head. A three-port switch with two possible states is also included.


Noisecom Programmable Noise Generator: UFX7000B

The Noisecom UFX7000B broadband AWGN noise generator has a powerful single board computer with flexible architecture used to create complex custom noise signals for advanced test systems. 

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StabilityPlus Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies

The Stability Plus Phase-Stable Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies are specifically designed for phase-stable and amplitude-stable applications and offer excellent measurement repeatability even while flexing the cables.

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Maury Microwave

S-Band Pulsed Klystron: VKS-8287

The VKS-8287 S-band pulsed klystron is electromagnetically focused and features integral tunable cavities and waveguide and coaxial outputs.

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