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09.14.23 -- iPhone 15 To Be Launched At Wonderlust – Will Its 6G Capability Be An Upgrade Over 5G?


iPhone 15 To Be Launched At Wonderlust – Will Its 6G Capability Be An Upgrade Over 5G?

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro at its annual launch event, Wonderlust. The phones will support 6G, but is that going to be an improvement over 5G?


How Will 5G Development Impact EMC Susceptibility Testing?

Although 5G is here, cellular technology evolution will continue to progress, and the standards of testing these new evolutions will inevitably lag the technology development.

Ensure High Performance Of Private 5G Networks

5G is important for critical infrastructures like manufacturing and mining to establish fast and secure private networks, enhancing productivity through remote support and machine automation.

I Need To Measure Wi-Fi Signals - Now What?

Conventional methods are not sufficient to characterize high-performance Wi-Fi 6 chipsets and devices. Crest factor measurements and CCDF are valuable tools for Wi-Fi power measurement.

Open RAN’s Promising Future For 5G Design

Exploring the exciting potential of Open RAN in 5G design, this article delves into the promising future it holds for the telecommunications industry.

Extending The Reach And Coverage Of IoT Networks With Wi-Fi HaLow

Wi-Fi has become an indispensable part of our interconnected world, offering internet access to people everywhere. Nevertheless, the major issue with traditional Wi-Fi is its limited range.


mmWave Chip, Package, And Board Beamforming Solutions

RF front-end architectures get increasingly intricate with each communication systems generation. This leads to greater densification and miniaturization via innovations in system-in-package (SiP) design.

Wolfspeed RF GaN Meets 5G Demands On PA Design

Since creating the industry’s first GaN on SiC HEMT over two decades ago, Wolfspeed has enabled and driven the market by offering GaN on SiC products that effectively replace LDMOS parts in applications.

A Fast Indoor Coverage Prediction Scheme At 60 GHz Based On Image Processing, Geometrical Optics, And Transport Theory

In this paper, we develop a fast and approximate prediction scheme for indoor path loss using digital image processing, geometrical optics, and transport theory.

mmWave Testing: Positioning Equipment Considerations

Operating in mmWave bands requires precise test methods, positioner design, and selection to accommodate directional beamforming.


SSG6000A Series Microwave Analog Signal Generator Release

Easily Connect To External Antennas With New N-Type To SMA Cable Assemblies

Modelithics Adds Castle Microwave As A Modelithics Reseller For The UK & Ireland

Pasternack Expands Programmable, Voltage-Controlled Phase Shifters

Peraso Announces PRM2144X Release In PERSPECTUS mmWave Module Lineup

Intel Foundry Services And Tower Semiconductor Announce New US Foundry Agreement

Knightscope And RippleLink Partner To Deliver Blazing Fast Private LTE To ASRs

New Fixed Attenuators And Thermopad Product Range

Ericsson And TDC NET Launch First 5G Standalone Network In Denmark

Fairview Microwave Unveils G-Type (Round) Mounts For Standard Gain Horn Antennas


Gearing Up For 6G And Beyond

The Rohde & Schwarz team presents a close look at cutting-edge solutions for 6G and the D-band, including the ZNA Vector Network Analyzer.


Amphenol SAA Designs Optimum Matching Circuits With Optenni Lab

Amphenol SAA uses Optenni Lab for designing matching circuits of antennas, resulting in maximum antenna efficiency.


40 GHz Coaxial Switches For 5G Applications

We have highly reliable coaxial switches with high frequency for any application. Our 2.92 mm switches come in SPDT, multi-position, transfer (DPDT), and terminated models, offering excellent RF performance in return loss (VSWR), insertion loss, and isolation.

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dB Control

KRYTAR 4×4 Butler Matrix Family

The new KRYTAR 4×4 Butler Matrix uses KRYTAR’s high-performance 90- and 180-degree hybrid couplers providing super phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability, and repeatability.

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GaAs MMIC mmWave Differential IF IQ Mixer: MMIQ-30120H

The MMIQ-30120H is a high linearity, passive GaAs MMIC IQ mixer. This is an ultra-broadband mixer spanning 30 to 120 GHz on the RF and LO ports with an IF from DC to 30 GHz.

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Marki Microwave

5G Massive IoT System-In-Package: SKY66431-11

The SKY66431-11 is a multi-band multi-chip system-in package (SiP) supporting 5G Massive IoT (LTE-M/NB-IoT) platforms.

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