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02.06.24 -- I'll See Your Autonomous Vehicle And Raise You An Autonomous Train


I’ll See Your Autonomous Vehicle And Raise You An Autonomous Train

Autonomous trains are used in various settings, including urban transit systems, metro and subway networks, freight transportation, and high-speed rail. They offer the potential to enhance the reliability and safety of train travel.


How To Achieve An Enhanced eCall Automotive Design

Learn how system designers are approaching designs in automobiles and how new eCall solutions can optimize the overall platform. Plus, gain RF design expertise and learn about integrated solutions that help meet some of the most demanding product challenges of eCall applications.


The Importance Of Antenna Beamwidth In RF Testing

Understanding antenna beamwidth and how it influences a test environment is critical to accurate and repeatable tests. This article defines antenna beamwidth, explores the antenna beamwidth properties, and explains its importance for compliance testing.

Scalable Modeling Of Human Blockage At Millimeter-Wave

This article uses WaveFarer to investigate computational electromagnetic methods based on ray-tracing. In addition to the KED method, we compare the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) and physical optics (PO) methods against an extensive suite of precision channel measurements at 60 GHz.


Redwire Expands Footprint With Opening Of New Manufacturing And Testing Facility

RF-star Unveils New CC2340R5 Bluetooth 5.3 Modules With Affordable Wireless Innovation

Teledyne e2v HiRel Releases Rad-Tolerant, UHF To S-Band Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier

Akoustis Secures A wBMS Design Win With Tier-1 Automotive Product Supplier

Mtronpti Spectrum Control Solutions For Electronic Warfare (EW) Applications

Keysight, Samsung Certify Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Silex Technology Unveils Wi-Fi 6/6E Modules

Peraso Announces Commercial Order Utilizing DUNE Platform

Saelig Announces Distribution Agreement For Elite RF’s Wideband RF Amplifiers

Microwave Components Joins Richardson Electronics Portfolio Of Technology Partners


The Roles Of Specialty Capacitors In Power Electronics

Take a look at the most common capacitor types used in power electronics and their key roles and design considerations, as well as the benefits of different types of capacitors available today.


Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: 2040A

The 2040A solid-state high-power amplifier is a small form factor rack-mounted system designed for EMI/RFI, lab, CW/pulse, and all communication applications. It offers instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth and built-in protection circuits, ensuring extensive monitoring.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

Digitally Tunable Band-Pass Filter: ADMV8526

The ADMV8526 is an RF band-pass filter that features a digitally selectable frequency of operation. The filter center frequency (fCENTER) can be adjusted from 1.25 GHz to 2.60 GHz using an 8-bit value (256 states) that incorporates a patent pending interpolation technique.

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Analog Devices

Solid-State Power Amplifier Module, 6 – 18 GHz, 100 Watts

The BME69189-100 solid-state power amplifier module, operating from 6 to 18 GHz and delivering 100 watts of power, offers ultra-wideband operation with full power across the entire bandwidth. The module is rugged, reliable, compact, and lightweight, utilizing GaN technology.

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