Hybrid Microelectronics Packages

Hybrid Microelectronics Packages

Founded in 1972, Mini-Systems, Inc., Electronic Package Division has been providing the electronics industry with the very highest quality hybrid microelectronic packages available. The Electronic Package Division is best known for supplying the hybrid alternative to plastic microelectronic packages; namely, our Alumina/Glass Sidewall packages. These packages meet military and space level quality requirements and exceed virtually all commercial needs.

More than 35 years of award winning experience has made MSI an industry leader. We hope to have the opportunity to prove a new with each new order that the difference that has earned this long record of success is our operational commitment to customer support combined with the finest products on the market.

The products that fall under our Hybrid Microelectronics Packages category include:

  • Metal Sidewall packages (Metal Flatpacks, QFP's)
  • Metal Sidewall Plug-In packages (DIP's)
  • Transistor Oscillator packages (TO's)
  • Custom Microwave packages (Machined Modules)
  • Multichip packages (MCM)
  • Fiber Optic packages

Mini-Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of microelectronic package solutions in sizes and configurations for virtually any application. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products at a competitive price and on time. Our 20 years of packaging experience allows us to understand your requirements quickly and accurately.

The versatility of our package technology is vital to our customers. It allows them to customize existing packages to accurately match. their desired results. Most modifications to existing designs have little or no impact to the package cost. The following details the materials currently utilized in our manufacturing processes:

ASTM-F1S-Alloy (KOVAR): This material is used for the package sealing rim, lead frames, 1/0 pins, package bodies, and for the package bases. It is comprised of 29% Nickel, 17% Cobalt, 53% Iron and 1% of trace elements.

Insulating material: The primary insulating material used in our packages is a Corning #7052 glass or equivalent (5.1 D.C.). We also utilize Corning #7070 glass or equivalent (4.1 D.C.) for R.F. and microwave applications. Our Alumina/Glass Sidewall Flatpacks utilize a mixture of Corning #7052 glass and Alumina (6.1 D.C.) which produces packages with greater strength and improved thermal properties. Our newest product line, Ceramic Surface Mounts, utilize 96% Alumina (9.4 D.C.) as the insulating material.

Thermal Management: An increasing demand for thermal management solutions has enabled MSI to creatively engineer solutions for our customers. We are currently offering Silvar K(110 w/m(K), Molybdenum (140 w/m(K), Silvar (153 w/m(K), Aluminum Nitride (170 w/m(K), AISiC (180 w/m(K), Molybdenum Copper (184 w/m(K), Tungsten Copper (230 w/m(K), and Beryllium Oxide (250 w/m(K). These materials can be either mounted into existing packages as a pedestal or attached to the package as its base.

Plating: The plating finish on all of our packages can be custom to your application. We do recommend a standard plating of 5ou" min. Electrolytic Gold per MIL-G-45204 over 5ou" Electrolytic Nickel per QQ-N-290. These thickness' will ensure that all the quality requirements relating to the plating fInish are met and exceeded. Some applications do not require gold plating on the package body or sealing rim. In these applications you may utilize a selective plating method where the gold is only applied to the package leads or I/O is to help reduce package cost.

MSI also offers surface mount lead forming and cutting on most of our packages. We have many tools currently available and we will be happy to make custom tooling wherever necessary. As always MSI will make every effort to keep any NRE cost associated to your custom requirements to a minimum. In addition to our forming and cutting capabilities, MSI has the ability to ground the sealing rim of our Alumina/Glass sidewall Flatpacks to the package base plane for enhanced electrical performance. This is facilitated with the use of grounding straps. Please inquire with our Sales department for packages currently tooled with this option. MSI also has a complete line of lids to match the packages we manufacture. We are always working on new package solutions to better serve our customers. If you cannot find a package to suit your specific requirement please feel free to contact us. Mini-Systems, Inc. welcomes all opportunities to quote your specific requirements.

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