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09.07.23 -- How Many Warships Does The U.S. Navy Need?


ITC 2023

The International Telemetry Conference (ITC) will be held at the Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) in Las Vegas between October 23-26, 2023. The ITC is the world’s leading exhibition specifically targeted for aeronautical flight test professionals. The ITC features a multitude of technical sessions, blue ribbon panels, notable guest speakers, and social events. Our technical sessions provide an excellent forum for the exchange of information and education.


How Many Warships Does The U.S. Navy Need?

The U.S. Navy has a fleet of nearly 300 ships but says it needs more than 500 to accomplish its global mission. Current plans call for adding between 282 and 340 ships by 2052 but a series of shipbuilding failures have drained congressional confidence in the Navy's ability to put new ships in the water and maintain the ships they have.

Low-Tech Drones – 1, Kursk Airfield – 0 (Allegedly)

Ukraine claimed it struck five Russian fighter jets in a kamikaze drone attack on the Kursk airfield in Russia, approximately 100 miles from the Ukrainian-Russian border. The drones in question are made of “waxed cardboard and rubber bands” by an Australian engineering company.


The Need For Direct RF In An Evolving Defense Environment

This white paper explores why it is important to move toward direct RF, discusses its capabilities and applications, and shows how innovative products like those from Mercury Systems can help make the DoD’s vision a reality.


Understanding The Limitations Of Modern Military Radio Testbeds

The use of military radios has surged due to the rise of military communication applications like land mobile radio systems and tactical networks, leading to a heightened demand for radio testing.

A Brighter RF Future For GaN And STARRY NITE

The STARRY NITE project is to develop and mature domestic, open state-of-the-art RF GaN foundries in alignment with the DoD’s advanced packaging ecosystem.

Certium VCS Test System For Aircraft Manufacturers

New aircraft can efficiently test their radio systems using CERTIUM VCS, an IP-based solution that is cost-effective, space-efficient, and easily scalable.

The Basics Of Military EMC Testing

EMC test engineers and labs must identify and define test specifications, procedures, and conduct tests, even though they don't determine test levels and limits.


Heterogeneous Integration For Electronics Design In RF And Microwave

Heterogeneous integration (HI) merges diverse electronic components and materials into a compact system, with integrated passive devices (IPDs) being vital for enhancing performance and manufacturing in HI.

Amplifiers To Support SDRs

Military radios are harnessing advanced software-based transceiver designs to support faster waveforms and modern communication protocols.

Antenna Factor Calculations And Deviations

Recently, “antenna factor” has gained significance in EMC and spectrum pollution research, addressing the growing demand for precise and convenient measurements of field intensity and power density.


Chroma ATE Showcases Advanced Test Technology At SEMICON Taiwan 2023

Fairview Microwave Announces Line Of Electromechanical Relay Switches

Altum RF Showcases Products And Expertise At EuMW 2023 In Berlin, Germany

GlobalFoundries Announces 9SW RFSOI Technology For Next-Gen Mobile & 5G

Quantic Electronics To Showcase Mission-Critical Electronics At EuMW 2023

AIS And ZTE Announce World's First Dynamic RIS Trial In mmWave Network

Pickering Interfaces' PXI/PXIe Microwave Switching Delivers Test System Optimization

e-peas Introduces Energy Harvesting PMIC To Handle Two Independent Energy Sources

indie Semiconductor Extends Radar Leadership With 240 GHz Silicon Transceiver

Pasternack Introduces Quad-Ridge, Dual-Polarized, Broadband Gain Horns

Novel SwRI-Developed Antenna Array Wins 2023 R&D 100 Award


Connecting Everyone And Everything, All The Time

Skyworks’ highly innovative RF semiconductors are connecting people, places, and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the aerospace, automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet, and wearable markets.


Military Radar Products: Reliable And Durable

CPI's dependable products play a vital role in safeguarding global warfighters with consistent reliability in various applications, including air, sea, land, and decoy systems.


Single-Source Switches With Coaxial EM & PIN Diodes

dB Control switches provide superior RF performance, reliability, and repeatability for defense, commercial, and high-power applications.

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dB Control

Amplifier Module: KMW2026-M26

The model KMW2026-M26 is an OEM application with a break between stages for insertion of a customer BP filter.

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AR Modular RF

AWGN Noise Generator: NC6000A/8000A Series

The NC6000A and NC8000A Series instruments are designed for general-purpose noise applications on the bench or in a rack test station.

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Wireless Telecom Group

80 – 6,000 MHz, 125 W Min Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: AMP2055DB-300-200LC

The AMP2055DB-300-200LC state high power amplifier is meticulously engineered to excel in broadband EMI/RFI, Lab, and IEC Testing applications.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

Surface Mount Amplifier: ADM-8007PSM

The ADM-8007PSM is a high-linearity, high gain, low noise distributed amplifier capable of providing +23 dBm output power up to 38 GHz. 

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