1200W GaN L-Band Avionics Transistor: Highest Power In The Industry

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

GaN L-Band Avionics Transistor: IGN1011L1200

Integra Technologies introduces IGN1011L1200 on GaN/SiC, exhibiting 17dB gain and 75% efficiency at 1030-1090 MHz, 50V, for IFF at ELM Mode S pulse conditions. Devices are 100% tested.

This avionics transistor utilizes GEN-2 GaN on SiC HEMT technology and comes with depletion mode. It is housed in a metal based package sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.

Additional features include:

  • POUT-PK = 1200W @ ELM Mode S / 6.4% / 50V
  • Power Gain: 18.0 dB (max)
  • Package Size: W=1.340″ (34.04mm), L=0.385″ (9.78mm)
  • 100% High Power RF Tested in Fixed Tuned RF Test Fixture

For more specifications on the GaN L-band avionics transistor, download the datasheet.