Field Analyzer with Integrated PIM and Line Sweep Testing: MW82119B PIM Master™

Source: Anritsu Company

Field Analyzer with Integrated PIM and Line Sweep Testing: MW82119B PIM Master™

This field analyzer combines a 40W, battery-operated PIM analyzer and a cable and antenna analyzer covering the 2 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. It’s been designed for use in RF component testing, antenna testing, macro site cable system testing, and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) testing.

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Cable and antenna systems pass RF signals between mobile subscribers and the BTS. In order to ensure quality of performance, these components need to be tested for loss, reflection, and unwanted noise (passive intermodulation). The MW82119B PIM Master analyzer allows field users to conduct PIM vs. time, swept PIM, distance-to-PIM (DTP), return loss, VSWR, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements – all with one instrument. And site data is stored in one location for quick and easy retrieval.

An 8.4 inch display and intuitive user interface (UI) makes the field analyzer well-suited for outdoor field conditions. It’s rugged, light, and small, making it an ideal instrument for PIM and line sweep testing at “the top of the tower”.

Visit Anritsu's website to order the PIM Poster covering PIM frequency formulas, PIM frequency calculations, amplitude PIM test specifications and processes, and more.

For more information on PIM, download the application note. You can also contact Anritsu directly to request more information on the MW82119B PIM Master.

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