Application Note

SkyBridge Tools Application Note

Source: Anritsu Company

Anritsu's SkyBridge Tools is a cloud based trace management tool designed to allow the communication, validation, and delivery of accurate results within tower or DAS testing. SkyBridge Tools has both on-line and off-line capabilities.

SkyBridge Tools provides a place for each and every deliverable, and communicates the progress towards filling those deliverables. These slots can be designated for line sweep traces, OTDR traces, PIM traces, site photos, and any required construction documents.

Once uploaded, line sweeps, OTDR traces, and PIM traces can be given a pass/fail judgement based on user provided criteria. These traces can have limit lines, markers, and final file names set automatically based on the same criteria. Photos, documents and any PDFs can be marked as present, renamed as desired, and show up in a job dashboard. Results are shown both in detail and in Dashboard form.

Once all traces and other deliverables are collected, reporting is delivered by means of a PDF download or by downloading a ZIP file. In addition, users may give their customers viewing rights on their SkyBridge tools web site.

Download the application note for more on how SkyBridge Tools can help meet DAS needs, and simplify testing process of the DAS installation workflow.