EM Simulations in Healthcare

Source: Altair Engineering Inc
 RF Performance And Safety Prediction

FEKO is an ideal solution for the simulation of field interactions of antennas near or inside anatomical loads. The complete FEKO suite uses the method of moments (MoM), the finite difference time domain (FDTD), and other approaches for each of the system simulations and its design stages. Available solver solutions range from conceptual investigations to accurate prediction of the radio frequency (RF) and safety performance of the final system. Medical applications vary from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coil design and implant telemetry, through to surgical tools such as biopsy needle antennas.

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FEKO For Healthcare Brochure

Medical Implants
Systems for the healthcare industry are at the forefront of technology development, striving towards ubiquitous computing. These include remote patient monitoring, drug delivery and sophisticated imaging systems like MRI. From vital sensor networks to active implanted devices, each technology has its own set of challenges and safety is paramount and strictly regulated by the relevant standards.

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RF Design & Safety For Biotechnology

MRI Systems
FEKO offers several ideal methods for the investigating design and safety aspects of MRI systems. By using FEKO, the researcher is provided with a virtual test bench to explore new concepts critical to the advancement of MRI technology.

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RF Safety In MRI Systems

FEKO Used To Ensure Implant Safety In MRI
Image quality in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) depends on good radio-frequency (RF) coil design. Such coils can be designed efficiently through the use of FEKO’s simulation methods.

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EM & Thermal Analysis Of A Human-Body Model With Implant In MRI