Elite 2-40 GHz Directional Coupler: CE20-0240

Marki - CE20-0240

The CE20-0240 is a next generation broadband 2GHz to 40GHz, 20dB directional coupler from the Marki Elite Series. Conductive paint is applied to all Elite Series products to reduce EMI/RFI leakage and susceptibility. 

The CE20-0240 offers the best directivity, return loss, and coupling accuracy available on the market. Available as both a three port directional coupler and a four port bidirectional coupler, the CE20-0240 is an exceptional choice for broadband return loss measurements, power leveling, and signal monitoring applications.

Sophisticated neural network design techniques combined with deep circuit knowledge and triplate stripline construction allow the Marki Elite Series of Couplers to provide superior performance to all other directional couplers available.