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Keeping Warfighters "In The Know"
Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. The days of shock-and-awe warfare have given way to a more subtle, quick-and-precise strike mentality enabled by almost unimaginable amounts of battlefield data. Reconnaissance balloons have become unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), advanced aiming optics are preferred to iron gun sights, and "bigger" no longer is equated with "better," but more often is associated with "power hungry" or "cumbersome."

High-Resolution Imaging Of Geostationary Satellites From The Ground
Optical interferometry has the potential to deliver the high-resolution images needed for surveillance and condition assessment of geostationary satellites.

Advanced Optical Materials For Use In Protective Windows And Transparent Armor
Choosing the proper material depends on forces experienced by the part, required wavelength range of the optics, overall weight envelope of the platform, and other design constraints.

Overcoming Spectrum Challenges For Radar, EW, And Communication Technologies
Today's sparse spectrum environment, dealing with a data tsunami across military and commercial applications, necessitates tighter requirements for improved spectrum management.

How To Meet EW Power And Efficiency Requirements With MPMs
A modular approach, efficient thermal design, potting, and encapsulation all can contribute to application-specific microwave power modules designed to succeed.

Improving Accuracy And Throughput In Transmit/Receive Module Testing
Building an effective test system means overcoming the challenges presented by measurements, signal conditioning and routing, automation, and scalability to respond to future test requirements.

Machine Vision Brings Cost And Performance Advantages To Military Imaging
Real-time video, enabled by networked digital distribution technologies, helps to provide the local situational awareness vital to military vehicle survival.

GaAs Thin-Film Solar Technology For The Field And Front Line
A field-feasible solar cell must be small, light, unobtrusive, and efficient — that’s why gallium arsenide thin-film solar technology is poised to enable a whole host of new military applications.

Detecting Explosives Utilizing mm-Wave Radars
The integration of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning in radar systems has enabled exploration of radar's uses in new applications.

Radar Cross Section Simulation: Air, Land, And Sea
A platform’s radar cross section is a key concern in designing aircraft, vehicles, and ships, as well as a key parameter in planning a strategy or mission.

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