Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna: SAS-570

Source: A.H. Systems
SAS-570 in TSC-570 case

The SAS-570 double ridge horn antenna is a broadband antenna operating over the 170 MHz to 3.0 GHz frequency range. With high gain, low VSWR, input handling capability up to 800 W CW, and a rugged design, this antenna ideal for immunity and emissions testing applications.

The SAS-570 horn antenna is lightweight, compact, and is perfect for surveillance applications requiring a high gain broadband response. The antenna includes an antenna factor from 11 to 33 dB, N-type female connectors, and individual calibration. It can also come with the TSC-570 Transit Storage case - a custom made shipping container for the large SAS-570 horn antenna made with 1/2" European birch plywood and lined with foam.

Additional SAS-570 features:

  • Gain: 0 to 10.9 dBi
  • Pattern Type: directional
  • Maximum radiated field: 200 V/m, or 500 V/m (with Optional 7/16 DIN female connector)
  • Impedance: 50 Ω

For more features and specifications, download the SAS-570 datasheet.


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