Consulting and Government Contracting

Source: Remcom, Inc.

Remcom’s Consulting is an ideal solution for those organizations that need electromagnetic expertise without an ongoing need for in-house EM simulation software. Remcom provides EM modeling experts, software developers, and high-end computational resources to meet your most challenging EM simulation analysis needs.

Our electromagnetic expertise and years of partnering with customers implementing a wide variety of EM applications make us uniquely qualified to complete your product design and implementation processes. Our expert software engineers act as an extension of your design engineering team, saving you valuable time, money, and the complications of hiring EM experts internally.

Remcom Consulting delivers immediate benefits:

  • Electromagnetic expertise. Our engineers can fill a void for organizations that lack internal EM resources. Our gifted team offers a unique combination of EM theory, practical application training, design engineering workflow expertise, and awareness of current industry trends that would be challenging and expensive to hire into your staff.
  • Simulation solutions without the software. Let us run your challenging computations on our market-leading software and provide you with the results. You can achieve your design solutions without the investment and commitment that hiring resources and purchasing software tools would require.
  • Simulation of your designs can reduce your time to market while reducing costs and yielding a more reliable product.


Custom Software Development
Remcom can also provide customization of our products to suit your specific needs. Key technological achievements and past projects include:

  • Development of novel ray tracing algorithms
  • GPU implementations of the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method by implementing a complex algorithm using CUDA
  • Development of a special low frequency solver
  • Custom optimization and workflow tools
  • Body heating studies


We offer two types of Consulting:

Commercial Consulting
Remcom has a long and successful history of solving challenging software problems ranging from designing and implementing CAD software to porting algorithms to new high performance computing platforms such as multicore/multiprocessor CPUs, MPI clusters, and GPUs. Contact us today to discuss your specific challenges and the ways our team can add value to your projects.

Government Contracting
In our Government Contracting line of business, Remcom has performed development and analysis services for a number of government customers. As a key part of this business, the Propagation Software Division is responsible for developing and maintaining the government propagation software library known as EMPIRE. As a small business, Remcom is also eligible to bid on Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts. We regularly work on such contracts, and encourage any organizations or academic institutions who are interested in collaboration to please contact us.

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