Class AB Wideband RF Power Amplifier: KAW2300

Class AB Wideband RF Power Amplifier: KAW2300

This RF power amplifier covers the 100-1000 MHz frequency range and delivers up to 100 watts PEP power into a 50-Ohm load. It’s ideal for use in jammers for electronic warfare applications, as well as general commercial applications.


  • ALC Flatness Leveled: +1.5 dB max
  • Operation mode: AB linear
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Input power level: -5 dBm nominal for 1 dB c.p.
  • Input power level protection: 10 dBm (max) at all frequency bands
  • Gain: 55 dB (min)
  • Front panel gain control: 20 dB (min)
  • Output test port: -60 dBc nominal, SMA rear panel
  • Noise figure: 20 dB (max)

For more information on the KAW2300 power amplifier’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.