Antenna Design, Placement, EMC & RCS for Defense

Source: Altair Engineering Inc

Antenna Design And Placement, EMC And RCS For Defence Platforms

FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software from Altair used to design communication and radar antennas for aircrafts, ships, vehicles, satellites, and missiles, and is suited for efficient and accurate simulation of defence platforms. 

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Scattering And Radar Cross Section
An object’s scattering properties are described as the special distribution of scattered energy when it is exposed to incident electromagnetic fields, and is measured by radar cross section (RCS). It is defined as the quotient of scattered power density to incident power density for a particular object where the incident and scattered directions may vary without restriction. As FEKO can distinguish incident from reflected electromagnetic (EM) field components, it is suited to scattering and RCS computations.

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Scattering & Radar Cross Section

CMA For Antenna Placement
The challenge in designing antennas for high-frequency (HF) communications on a small aircraft is making the antenna smaller than the wavelength. This can be turned into an advantage as the wavelengths in the HF band and the aircraft size have the same order of magnitude, so through careful antenna placement the aircraft body can be excited in such a way that the radiation pattern and the bandwidth are improved.

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CMA For Antenna Placement


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