6dB DC-45 GHz Chip Scale Package Equalizer: MEQ6-45CSP1

Marki - MEQ6-45CSP1

The MEQ6-45CSP1 is a passive MMIC equalizer CSP ideal for compensating for low pass filtering effects in RF/microwave and high speed digital systems. 

The MEQ6-45CSP1 provides positive slope from DC to 45GHz with a DC attenuation of 6dB. The chip scale package allows for extreme miniaturization of the SMT footprint. The unique design offers superior return loss to competitors in an extremely small footprint. GaAs MMIC technology provides consistent unit-to-unit performance in a small, low cost form factor.


  • Small 1.5 x 1.5 mm package size
  • 2W RF Power Handling
  • DC attenuation of 6dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss 0.85 dB at 45GHz
  • Typical VSWR of 1.33 Over Operating Band
  • Low SWaP
  • This product embodies Marki Microwave's U.S. Pat. 11,869,858.


  • RF Transceivers
  • High-Speed Data
  • Telecom
  • Cable Loss Compensation
  • Amplifier Compensation