Application Note

5G/4G Combined Antenna Analysis In A Smartphone Using EM Simulation

Source: Remcom, Inc.
XFdtd Analysis Of Combined 860 MHz 4G And 28 GHz 5G Antenna Configurations In A Smartphone Design

This example uses XFdtd® EM Simulation Software to analyze the performance and interaction of two antenna systems operating at 4G (860 MHz) and 5G (28 GHz) in close proximity in a smartphone design. The 4G antenna is intended to produce a broad pattern for wide coverage while the 5G array should produce narrow beams that can be steered by varying the phasing between elements. The 4G antenna is an inverted-L design and is located at the top of the phone. The 5G antenna array consists of four Yagi-Uda elements that are near the 4G antenna but offset by a conducting block. Download the full paper for more information.