3-In-One All-Rounder Vector Network Analyzer: R&S®ZNL

Source: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

3-In-One All-Rounder Vector Network Analyzer: R&S®ZNL

Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S®ZNL 3-in-1 all-rounder vector network analyzer (VNA) designed to offer vector network analysis, spectrum analysis, an power meter measurements all within one single, compact instrument. Offering frequency ranges from 5 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz the R&S®ZNL is ideal for various RF component measurement applications in industrial electronics and wireless communications.

The R&S®ZNL VNA’s vector network analysis and spectrum analysis measurement can be displayed side by side on the 10.1’ multi-touch screen. The system also features clear menu structures and numerous wizards to assist in measurement configuration. The module weighs only 6 to 8 kg, is fully portable, and includes a carrying handle and battery operation.

Additional R&S®ZNL features include:

  • Solid RF performance
  • Versatile features, like calibration unit support, for production and lab
  • Time domain and distance to fault
  • Compact 3 in 1 instrument
  • Remote controllable with LAN and GPIB option

For more features and specifications on the R&S®ZNL VNA, download the product brochure.