2-18 GHz Integrated Drive IQ Mixer: MMIQA-0218HPSM

Marki - mmiqa_0218hpsm

The MMIQA-0218HPSM is a versatile, robust, and broadband IQ mixer with an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier. It is ideal for IQ, single sideband, and image reject mixing applications

The integrated LO driver amplifier allows for operation with LO powers as low as +0dBm while retaining exceptional conversion loss and linearity.


  • RF/LO response: 2GHz - 18GHz
  • IF response: DC – 3GHz
  • I+Q Conversion Loss: 7.5 dB
  • Image Rejection: 28dBc
  • Minimum LO drive: +0dBm


  • Single Sideband and Image Rejection Mixing
  • IQ Modulation / Demodulation
  • Vector Amplitude Modulation
  • Band Shifting
  • 5G Band Support