10-110 GHz MMIC 2-Way Wilkinson Power Divider: MPDW-10110M2

Marki - MPDW

The MPDW-10110M2 is a mmWave 2-way Wilkinson power divider featuring high isolation in our connectorized miniature M2-package enabling operation up to 110 GHz. 

Passive GaAs MMIC technology allows production of smaller constructions that replace larger form factor circuit board constructions. Tight fabrication tolerances result in less unit-to-unit variation than traditional power divider technologies, allowing for accurate simulations using the provided S3P file taken from measured production units.

Power dividers are passive reciprocal devices that can be used either as power combiners or as power dividers. Applications include Radar, Satcom, EW and test equipment. The MPDW-10110M2 is available as a 1.0mm connectorized module.