1. Webinar: Designing Smart Connected Products And Wireless Networks For IoT

    This webinar demonstrates through real-life cases how Altair HyperWorks simulation platform and solidThinking design software are helping companies to design and optimize the connectivity of products, from small devices and connected vehicles to wireless sensor networks for industrial applications.

  2. Webinar: The Growing Role Of EM Simulation For Connected Vehicles And e-Mobility

    This webinar demonstrates how FEKO and WinProp are used to solve design and validation challenges -- including those related to connected vehicles and antenna integration -- as well as wireless power transfer systems and electromagnetic compatibility in electrical and hybrid vehicles.

  3. Joint Altair - MVG Webinar: Benefits Of Combining Measurements With Simulations For Antenna And EMC Applications

    Altair has been working with Microwave Vision Group (MVG) for many years on the combination of measurements from MVG antenna measuring systems with FEKO software simulations. This webinar will explain how such a combination represents an alternative solution for antenna manufacturers to share data with device and platform manufacturers without exposing their IP. The webinar will also demonstrate new use cases, such as quicker and easier complex antenna placement and EMC studies on platforms, thanks to model decomposition with equivalent sources in FEKO.

  4. FEKO Webinar: The Use Of Model Decomposition And Equivalent Sources For Faster Simulation

    This webinar presents the workflow and validation of the above mentioned approach for several test cases, where simulation results are compared with full simulations or measured data.  The offered examples will cover both antenna and EMC applications from different industries.

  5. FEKO Webinar: EMC Simulation Of Automotive, Aerospace And Other Applications With FEKO

    Since there are fewer prototypes available in the automotive industry due to less time for measuring and testing, development processes are changing from measurement driven to simulation driven. EMC simulation helps ensure that electronics, electrical systems, and devices function properly in their EM environments without creating interference in other systems.