Products and Services

  1. 400- To 2700-MHz Digital Controlled Variable Gain Amplifiers
    Two models of digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers operating in the 400- to 2700-MHz range are available from RFMD. They both featured power-up programming, 12-bit SPI serial control programming, single +5V supply, a gain control range of 31.5dB, dual channel VGA, full internal matching and no external bias inductors. Two 6-bit digital step attenuators, and 50dBc channel isolation. These amplifiers can be used in cellular, 3G infrastructure, WiBro, WiMax, LTE, Microwave Radio, and High Linearity Power Control applications.
  2. Digital-Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier: RFDA0015
    RFMD’s RFDA0015 is a digital controlled variable gain amplifier featuring high linearity over the entire gain control range. The 6-bit digital step attenuator is programmed with a parallel mode control interface.
  3. 0.5-18 GHz Variable Gain Amplifier In WaferCap SMT Package: VMMK-3503
    The VMMK-3503 .5-18 GHz Variable Gain Amplifier in WaferCap SMT Package is ideal for 2.4, 3.5, and 5-6 GHz WLAN and WiMax, 802.16 & 802.20 BWA systems, Radar and ECM systems, UWB, and generic IF amplifier and VGA applications.
  4. Variable Gain Amplifier -3 to 23dB

    The VGLA20RPDC GPS Variable Gain Line Amplifier is a one input, one output device featuring a variable gain block with 26dB of dynamic range.

  5. Digital Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier 10MHZ To 850MHZ: RFDA0045
    RFMD’s RFDS0045 is a Digital Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier operating in the 10MHZ to 850MHZ frequency range. It features SPI serial control programming, a max gain of 44dB at 150MHz, a gain control range of 31.5dB (0.5dB Step Size), high OIP3 of 42dBm at 150MHz, high P1dB = 20dBm at 150MHz, a single +5V supply, a small 32-Pin, 5.2mm x 5.2mm MCM, a footprint compatible with 5mm x 5mm, 32-Pin QFN, and power-up programming. This amplifier is ideal for Transceiver IF DVA, Cellular, PCS, GSM, UMTS, Wireless Data, and Satellite Terminal applications.
  6. 0.25W Analog Variable Gain Amplifier: ALM-80110
    The device provides an exceptionally high OIP3 level which is maintained over a wide attenuation range.