Products and Services

  1. 0.25W Analog Variable Gain Amplifier: ALM-80210
    ALM-80210 is a 0.25W Analog Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier which operates from 1.6 GHz to 2.7 GHz.
  2. Digital Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier 2000MHz To 2800MHz: RFDA2046
    RFMD’s RFDA2046 is a digital controlled variable gain amplifier featuring high linearity over the entire gain control range with noise figure less than 5.2dB in its maximum gain state. The gain of the 6-bit digital step attenuator is programmed with a serial mode control interface (SPI). The RFDA2046 is packaged in a small 6.0mm x 6.0mm leadless laminate MCM, which contains plated through thermal vias for ultra-low thermal resistance. This module is easy to use with no external matching components required.
  3. 400- To 2700-MHz Digital Controlled Variable Gain Amplifiers
    Two models of digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers operating in the 400- to 2700-MHz range are available from RFMD. They both featured power-up programming, 12-bit SPI serial control programming, single +5V supply, a gain control range of 31.5dB, dual channel VGA, full internal matching and no external bias inductors. Two 6-bit digital step attenuators, and 50dBc channel isolation. These amplifiers can be used in cellular, 3G infrastructure, WiBro, WiMax, LTE, Microwave Radio, and High Linearity Power Control applications.
  4. Variable Gain Amplifier -3 to 23dB

    The VGLA20RPDC GPS Variable Gain Line Amplifier is a one input, one output device featuring a variable gain block with 26dB of dynamic range.

  5. AVG Series - Variable Gain Amplifiers
    • Gain can be adjusted continuously (0–15 dB) by applying a DC control voltage to the control pin with an external resistor in series (x 470 ohms)
  6. Integrated Analog Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier: RFVA0016

    This variable gain amplifier is ideal for broadband applications like cellular, 3G infrastructure, high linearity power control, WiBro, WiMax, LTE, and microwave radio. It has excellent linearity over a greater than 30dB gain control range and operates in the 400 MHz to 27000 MHz frequency range.

  7. 0.5-18 GHz Variable Gain Amplifier In WaferCap SMT Package: VMMK-3503
    The VMMK-3503 .5-18 GHz Variable Gain Amplifier in WaferCap SMT Package is ideal for 2.4, 3.5, and 5-6 GHz WLAN and WiMax, 802.16 & 802.20 BWA systems, Radar and ECM systems, UWB, and generic IF amplifier and VGA applications.
  8. 0.25W Analog Variable Gain Amplifier: ALM-80110
    The device provides an exceptionally high OIP3 level which is maintained over a wide attenuation range.
  9. MPS-032701A-82: 300 To 2700 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier
    The MPS-032701A-82 is an internally matched GaAs FET amplifier in a surface mount ceramic package. It is ideal for digital communications applications where excellent gain linearity and high efficiency at a 5 Volt bias is required.
  10. Digital-Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier: RFDA0015
    RFMD’s RFDA0015 is a digital controlled variable gain amplifier featuring high linearity over the entire gain control range. The 6-bit digital step attenuator is programmed with a parallel mode control interface.