Test And Measurement Products

  1. 9KHz - 26GHz Compact, High Performance Microwave Signal Generators

    Berkeley Nucleonics offers a diverse line of microwave signal sources and microwave signal generators with a new fast switching option for R&D, radar simulation and testing, local oscillator development, commercial communications (like satellite and microwave link), and microwave component testing applications.

  2. RF Synthesizer Modules: HSM Series
    The HSM series of single channel modules includes five different models spanning a 250 kHz to 6.7 GHz frequency range. These synthesizers feature industry best stability, amplitude accuracy of ±0.25dB (typ) to -80dBm, ultra low phase noise, and more.
  3. Manual Tuners
    Manual tuners are used both in the laboratory and as system components to establish or transform impedances for a number of applications.
  4. 9000B Power Meter With Diode Sensor, 100 kHz to 40 GHz

    The Krytar Model 9000B is a low cost, high performance CW power meter using a diode-based power sensor.

  5. Site Analyzer®: SA-3600XT, 25-3600 MHz

    The 25-3600 MHz, Site Analyzer®: SA-3600XT Site Analyzer is easy to operate and field ready for first-time, occasional and experienced users. Other applications include 3G, Broadcast, Government, Tactical Military, Microwave, Paging, Public Safety, Trunking, WLAN and WLL, and TETRA.

  6. Matrix Switch System
    CrossPoint Technologie's MS-4001-32X32-HF-HIA is a Switch Matrix System covering the HF frequency band of 1.5 – 32 MHz. This system provides 32 X 32 non-blocking switching and distribution where any of the 32 inputs can be routed to one or all 32 outputs simultaneously...
  7. Wideband Frequency Synthesizer 29 To 3840 MHz: KY3840A
    The KY3840A is a wideband frequency synthesizer that operates in the 29 to 3840 MHz frequency range that features 1 Hz tuning resolution, +10 dBm output power, an internal temperature monitor, a 6 millisecond tuning time, a selectable frequency external reference input, a single +15 Vdc supply, ±1.0 ppm internal reference stability, and more. This frequency synthesizer will operate from either the internal TCXO reference or an external source. For embedded applications, it can be controlled via a 4-wire serial interface. Alternatively, the synthesizer can be controlled using a PC with an RS-232 serial port.
  8. 10 MHz To 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer APPH6000
    Anapico’s 10 MHz to 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer is ideal for applications involving supply noise verification, crystal oscillator and VCO testing, automated production testing, PLL synthesizer locking and characterization, and general purpose phase noise tests.
  9. Digital Delay/Pulse Generator: Model 575

    With its multi-channel 250 ps-resolution timing capabilities, Berkeley Nucleonics’ model 575 digital delay/pulse generator is ideal for laser experimentations involving triggering, gating, delaying, pulsing, or syncing. It can also be used in external clock syncing, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), PIV, laser timing, and more.

  10. Calibration Solutions

    SenarioTek provides calibration for all types of applications; from automated inline calibration to testing in a thermal vacuum. They can work with frequencies up to 50 GHz, and can provide calibration solutions in signal routing, calibration standards, mixers, power sensors, attenuators, noise sources, amplifiers, and filters