Systems/Subsystems Products

  1. Integrated Microwave Assembly And Subsystem Solutions

    API Technologies offers an array of integrated microwave assembly (IMA) and subsystem solutions for electronic warfare, military communications, radar, aerospace, and commercial applications. The filter-based IMAs are designed to reduce the overall mechanical footprint of the system, and deliver an improved electrical performance. Amplifier-based IMAs can achieve high power switching, and feature a digital interface, multiple outputs, and voltage sequencing. The last group of IMAs offers custom and standard building block signal generation and conversion solutions.

  2. 100 kW Magnetron Transmitter: VPX3490

    The VPX3490 is a multi-band pulsed microwave transmitter designed for applications within high-vibration, high-shock environments with a wide range of temperature variation typically found in supersonic aircraft pod mounted threat simulations. Additional features include an operating frequency range of 7.8 – 17.5 GHz, an RF peak power of 100 W, and MIL spec airborne qualification.