1. GaAs, Dual-band, High-isolation, SPDT Reflective Switch: SKY13446-374LF

    This SPDT reflective switch features positive low voltage control (0 and 3.0V), low insertion loss (0.40 dB @ 2.5 GHz and 0.80 dB @ 6.0 GHz), high isolation (38 dB @ 2.4 GHz and 30 dB @ 6 GHz), excellent linearity performance, and an advanced pHEMT process.

  2. GaAs High Isolation SPDT Non-Reflective Switch: SKY13372-467LF

    This SPDT non-reflective switch operates in the 0.1-6.0 GHz frequency range. It’s ideal for applications involving GSM, PCS, and WDCMA base stations, wireless local loops, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz ISM devices, and any other application in which synthesizer isolation is critical.

  3. GaAs Non-Reflective Switch: ISO13316

    The ISO13316 is a non-reflective, low-loss GaAs pHEMT switch from Isolink, a subsidiary of Skyworks. This high-performance switch covers the DC to 6 GHz wideband frequency range, utilizes hermetic surface-mount technology, and performs with 45 dB isolation at 2 GHz and low loss of 1.1 dB at 6 GHz.

  4. GaAs SP4T Switch: SKY 13322-375LF

    The SKY 13322-375LF is a 20 MHz-6.0 Ghz four-throw (SP4T) switch with a single-pole, and comes in a compact, 2 x 3 mm, 10-pin exposed pad plastic Micro Leadframe Package Dual (MLPD) package.

  5. GaAs SPDT Absorptive Switch: ISO13286

    The ISO13286 is a high-performance, non-reflective single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) absorptive switch. This hermetic GaAs pHEMT device covers the DC to 8GHz wideband range and performs with 50 dB isolation at 4 GHz, and has a low loss of 1.5 dB at 4 GHz.

  6. GPIO-Controlled, High-Performance RF Cellular Switches

    The new family of GPIO-controlled, high performance RF cellular switches from Skyworks is designed for LTE and GSM networks, and are ideal for smartphones, data cards and MiFi® hotspot applications. The SKY13581-676LF (SP2T), SKY13582-676LF (SP3T) and SKY13626-685LF (SP4T) are for LTE, while the SKY13597-684LF (SP4T) is for GSM.

  7. High Isolation SP4T Absorptive Switch w/ Decoder: SKY13392-359LF

    This symmetrical, single-pole, four throw (SP4T) absorptive switch operates in the 0.02 to 4.0 GHz frequency range and is ideal for military communications, GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE cellular infrastructure, and test and measurement systems.

  8. High-Power Antenna Tuning Switches

    Skyworks has expanded its tuning product portfolio with the addition of several new high performance solutions for antenna tuning, impedance tuning, and band switching applications. These antenna tuner switches are designed for enabling higher data throughput and smaller footprints, minimizing dropped calls, and improving the consumer experience.

  9. RF Switches For Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications

    Skyworks offers a select group of RF switches from our diverse switch offering that are in stock and ready for immediate design. All of these switches are broadband by design, and include the most popular, broad-market SPST, SPDT (SP2T), SP3T, SP4T, DPDT and up to SP8T products. The devices provide excellent performance and value while utilizing proven technologies for high reliability. View our product brief for more information.

  10. Single Control SP2T RF Switch: SKY13453-385LF

    This single-pole, double-throw switch covers the 0.01 to 6.0 GHz frequency range and features low insertion loss (0.40 dB @ 2.0 GHz), high isolation (>25 dB @ 2.0 GHz), and single bit control. It’s been designed for mode switching in cellular pre-power amplifier applications or dual-band WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n) applications.