RF Military Electronics Featured Datasheets

  1. Amplifiers For Software-Defined Radios In Manpack, Vehicular, And Fixed Site Configurations

    Empower RF’s amplifiers are protected against high peak to average waveforms, antenna mismatch, over current, over temperature, input overdrive, and over temperature fault conditions.

  2. Ultra Compact L/S Band Filter Diplexer for UAV Communication: LF9422 Datasheet

    MtronPTI’s LF9422 L/S band filter diplexer features a 1” x 1” wash-proof, surface mount, sealed package, allowing automated assembly with no drift after board cleaning.

  3. Power Amplifier Solutions for EW-Electronic Attack

    Empower RF designs and manufactures power amplifiers for integration into systems that prevent radio controlled improvised explosive devices for activating.

  4. AR-50 - Military Booster Amplifier Datasheet

    AR Modular RF has made significant changes to its model AR-50 automatic band-switching JITC-certified RF booster amplifier. The newly-released version of this portable. lightweight booster amplifier (designed for multi-band VHF/UHF tactical radio equipment) features an enhanced heat sink, which allows for greater heat dissipation.

  5. TCXO/VCTCXO For Military Applications: M616x

    The M616x TCXO/VCTCXO is ideal for radios, satellite terminals, and handheld test equipment and has been designed to operate in harsh environments.

  6. AXIEM™ Electromagnetic (EM) Software Datasheet

    AXIEM® 3D planar electromagnetic analysis software is a valuable addition to the AWR Design Environment™. Whether you’re characterizing and optimizing passive components on RF printed circuit boards (PCBs) and modules, low temperature co-fi red ceramic (LTCC) structures, monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and RFICsm, or antennas, AXIEM’s accuracy, capacity, and speed shorten or even eliminate design cycles, saving precious time and money.

  7. 80-1000 MHz 1000 W Solid State Amplifier Datasheet
    This download contains specifications, frequency charts, and more on the 80RF1000-1000 1000 W solid state amplifier, as well as general information on MILMEGA’s 80-1000 MHz amplifier product line.
  8. 80-1000 MHz 1000 W Solid State Amplifier

    The 80RF1000-1000 is a solid state amplifier (SSPA) that operates in the 80-1000 MHz frequency range at 1000 Watts power. This solid state amplifier is ideal for applications involving high energy physics, research, the military/defense market, communications, and EMC testing. 

  9. 80-1000 MHz 500 W Solid State Amplifier

    The 80RF1000-500 is a solid state amplifier (SSPA) with 500 Watts power. It operates in the 80-1000 MHz frequency range.

  10. 80-1000 MHz 175 W Solid State Amplifier

    80RF1000-175, 175 Watt P1dB, 80-1000 MHz Broadband Amplifier.