RF Career Guest Columns

  1. Lessons For Our Fight Against Subtle Sexism

    If we're to address subtle sexism, we don’t just need a plan for how to react; we need a plan to draw a line in the sand, so we know when it’s been crossed. Even harassers likely have challenges understanding where the line is after they’ve seen it crossed for so long without regard.

  2. 5 Ways To Improve Your Technical Communication

    Whether we’re pitching to investors, networking at a trade show, or giving a conference presentation, our message impacts the results. If we’re not thoughtful about how we structure that content, select details, and deliver the information, it’s easy to lose the quality and clarity of our communication.

  3. Ensuring Reliable Bluetooth Low Energy Performance In Wearables, IoT Devices

    Good design, development, and product testing are key to ensuring functionality, reliability, and continued sales growth. Testing is an important consideration through a product’s entire life cycle in order to find and fix problems before they become truly expensive.

  4. Bluetooth Low Energy 101

    This two-part article will provide product designers with the information they need to develop quality Bluetooth low energy products, starting with an understanding of the standard.