RF Career Development Articles

  1. Microwave Power Dividers And Couplers Tutorial

    Power dividers and couplers are straightforward passive components. To design a component with high performance, designers must give attention to design detail, design execution, and fabrication quality. This article discusses power dividers and couplers and defines related terminology.

  2. Common Applications For Radio Frequency (RF) Filters

    An RF filter permits a signal of interest to pass through while attenuating any undesired signals. This article describes the different filter shapes, or responses, when plotted in the frequency domain, defines general terms in filter utilization, and covers common types of applications that use RF filters.

  3. Role Call: Senior Hardware Engineer

    RF Globalnet's Role Call series offers a “peek behind the curtain” at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Our most recent subject is Tom Offer, a Senior Hardware Engineer with CommAgility. Tom’s experience has included work with embedded systems, FPGA, and digital signal processing within RF, LTE, telecommunications, and other wireless markets.

  4. Role Call: RF Modeling Manager

    Role Call is a new series on RF Globalnet that will look at different jobs and career paths in the RF and Microwave industry. We’ll explore what each position entails, how much you have to know, and what experience you need to get started. Yueying Liu, RF Device Modeling Manager with Wolfspeed/CREE has held various positions in the industry since earning her doctorate in solid-state electronics from North Carolina State University in 2009. Liu’s experience ranges from GaN product engineer and modeling design engineer to RF PA designer and RF modeling engineer, before taking her current management role last year.

  5. The Basics Of Quadrifilar Helix Antennas

    The ability to receive or transmit a tight beam of circularly polarized radiation while minimizing unwanted radiation is imperative to good communication. For such applications, the axial-mode quadrifilar helical antenna provides high performance and a robust platform, both in space and on the ground.