Product Showcase

  1. Microwave And RF Test Assemblies: GORE® PHASEFLEX® Series

    The GORE® PHASEFLEX® Series offers the smallest, lightest, internally ruggedized microwave/RF test assemblies for high density interconnection in RF and uW modular applications as well as in high speed digital testing. These assemblies feature ON cable construction and provide consistent, repeatable measurements with electrical performance up to 18, 26.5, 40, or 50 GHz.

  2. 6 – 18 GHz, 200 W Solid State GaN Power Amplifier: AMP2065A

    Exodus Advanced Communications offers AMP2065A solid state GaN power amplifier designed for applications operating from 6 to 18 GHz at a saturated output power of more than 200 Watts. The amplifier features a gain of over 53 dB, a wide instantaneous bandwidth, and suitability for all single channel modulation standards.

  3. Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers: PTCM Series

    The new PTCM series of traveling wave tube (TWT) modular instrumentation amplifiers from TMD can be used for a variety of applications including EMC/radiated immunity, communications, EW, radar, and RF component testing in the DC – 40 GHz frequency range, up to 50 kW. These amplifiers now offer improved capabilities such as built-in self-testing, advanced fault diagnostics, modular, plug-and-play field replaceable PCBs, and Ethernet remote control and monitoring.

  4. Microwave Solid State RF Power Amplifier: Model 8100-052

    ETS-Lindgren offers the Model 8100-052 microwave solid state power amplifier (PA) specifically designed for EMC applications that include IEC 61000-4-3, 30 V/m automotive requirements. This 500 W PA utilizes GaAs technology, and delivers an improved design and higher efficiency performance over silicon-based amplifiers.

  5. Miniature Transformers: SPD8035V Series

    The SPD8035V series of miniature transformers from Coilcraft are designed to provide functional insulation, and 1500 Vrms with one minute isolation between windings. Ideal applications for these devices include flyback transformers, common mode filter choke, and coupled inductor in SEPIC.

  6. Cable And Antenna Analyzer: R&S ZVH

    The R&S®ZVH cable and antenna analyzer is rugged, handy and designed for use in the field. Its low weight and simple operation make it indispensable for anyone who needs an efficient measuring instrument outdoors for the installation and maintenance of antenna systems.

  7. C-RAN Hub Wireless Infrastructure

    5G technologies demand wireless infrastructures able to accommodate both present and future technologies while maintaining excellence in connectivity. With a move to C-RAN architectures in data centers, the hub becomes the most important area with potentially hundreds or thousands of connections to be housed and managed, and vital network elements to be link seamlessly with each other as an optimized system.

  8. 1800 W, 65 V, 1.0 – 1.1 GHz Highest Power GaN Transistor On The Market: QPD1025L

    Qorvo offers the 1800 W, 65 V, 1.0 – 1.1 GHz QPD1025L as the highest GaN transistor on the market. This discrete GaN on SiC HEMT has a package that features input pre-match resulting in ease of external board match and saved board space.

  9. Flexible, Broadband, Magnetic Microwave Absorber: C-RAM FGMM

    Cuming Microwave offers the C-RAM FGMM sheet material designed to absorb an average of -10 dB of incident RF energy across the 4 to 10 GHz frequency range, and over a wide range of incidence angles. This weatherproof, broadband material can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is able to conform to complex shapes.

  10. Magnetron Transmitter For Radar And Testing: VPW3475

    The VPW3475 is a magnetron transmitter designed for use in instrumentation radar, weather radar, and EMI/EMC field testing applications. This fully integrated, VSWR protected magnetron system operates at up to 350 kW peak power and uses a CPI coaxial magnetron as its RF output device. Any CPI magnetron with an RF power range up to 400 kW can be used in this transmitter.