Product Showcase

  1. High Power Family Of Products For EW, ECM, Radar/Comm Applications

    dB Control’s family of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) features a combined frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz up to 15kW output power. dB Control utilizes our proprietary transformer fabrication, encapsulation and high-voltage potting techniques developed for demanding military applications which results in superior reliability, low cost and ease of maintenance.  Products in this series are ideal for several applications, including: test and measurement, electronic warfare (EW) simulation, RFI/EMI/EMC Testing, electronic countermeasures (ECM), and antenna pattern and radar-cross section measurements.

  2. Cellular Band High Power Amplifiers

    Corry Micronics, Inc. (CMI) offers a wide range of cellular band high-power amplifiers operating over the 900 MHz to 2,700 MHz frequency range for use in a variety of cellular applications. This family of amplifiers features high linearity, base station quality, low noise figure, and frequency modulation in GSM, LTE, and UMTS.

  3. Loop Antennas

    A.H. Systems' designs, manufactures and delivers high performance Loop Antennas for a wide range of magnetic field testing. Whether used in a set to measure shielding effectiveness per MIL-STD 285 and NSA 65-6 or individually to satisfy specific requirements, the Loop Antennas are an efficient, low cost solution.

  4. MtronPTI Iridium Band Filter

    MtronPTI offers the new Iridium Band Filter for aviation, maritime, land mobile, IoT, and military communications applications. These narrow bandwidth, high rejection band filters are designed to isolate Iridium frequencies from outside interference.

  5. Dual-Channel Switch LNA Module: QPB9329

    Qorvo offers the new QPB9329 highly integrated front-end module with operation in the 3.8 – 5.0 GHz frequency range for TDD base station, wireless infrastructure, small cell BTS, and pre-5G/5G massive MIMO applications. This LNA module integrates a two-stage LNA and a high power switch in a dual-channel configuration.

  6. 60 MHz High Power Band 41 BAW Filter: QPQ1300

    Qorvo’s QPQ1300 is a high performance bulk acoustic wave (BAW) bandpass filter specifically designed for sub band 41 (60 MHz BW) applications. Features include low insertion loss, high rejection, high attenuation, and a compact, RoHS compliant 5.00 x 5.00 x 0.93 mm packaging.

  7. 75 – 110 GHz Bench Top Amplifier: Model STB-7531142515-1010-S1

    SAGE Millimeter offers the Model STB-7531142515-1010-S1 broadband benchtop driver amplifier operating over the 75 to 110 GHz frequency range for use in bench top power amplification, antenna range, and power boosting applications. The amplifier features a typical small signal gain of 25 dB, a nominal P1dB of +15 dBm and Psat of +18 dBm.

  8. 18 – 40 GHz Broadband Subharmonically Pumped Mixer: Model SFS-18340315-KFSFSF-N1-M

    The Model SFS-18340315-KFSFSF-N1-M from SAGE Millimeter is a broadband subharmonically pumped mixer operating in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range for use in radar systems, communication systems, and test equipment. Utilizing a high performance GaAs MMIC with superior RF performance, this mixer provides a conversion loss of 15 dB.

  9. 71 – 86 GHz, E-Band Active X4 Frequency Multiplier: Model SFA-713863415-12SF-S1

    SAGE Millimeter offers the Model SFA-713863415-12SF-S1 active X4 frequency multiplier with output frequencies of 71 to 86 GHz for use in frequency extenders, source modules, and communication systems. Features include an input frequency of 17.75 to 21.50 GHz, a typical harmonic suppression of -20 dBc, and a nominal output power of +15 dBm.

  10. 30 – 42 GHz WR-28 Orthomode Transducer With Circular Waveguide Port: SAT-363-25028-C1

    The Model SAT-363-25028-C1 from SAGE Millimeter is a WR-28 orthomode transducer (OMT) operating in the 30 – 42 GHz frequency range for 5G, radar, communication, antenna range, and circular and linear waveform applications. This device is designed to separate a circular or elliptical polarized waveforms into two linear, orthogonal waveforms, or combine two linear polarized waveforms into one circular or elliptical polarized waveform or vice versa.