Product Showcase

  1. X-Band GaN 1.8 kW Solid State Power Amplifier: VSX3696

    CPI Beverly Microwave Division’s solid-state power amplifier, VSX3696, has proven GaN technology and can be easily combined to create high power X-band radar transmitters up to 50 kW. It utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency and excellent pulse fidelity.

  2. X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier VSX3695: Your Modular Building Block SSPA X-Band Solution

    CPI Beverly Microwave Division’s high efficiency, modular, 1.0 kW compact X-Band, VSX3695, has proven GaN technology and can be easily combined to create high power X-band radar transmitters up to 50 kW. The solid-state transmitters are reliable, provide “soft fail”, graceful power degradation, and are easy to maintain.

  3. 5G Fixed Wireless Access

    Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is one of the early planned use cases for 5G deployment, offering a new wireless alternative for providing broadband to homes and businesses.  Because this requires very high bandwidth, many solutions for FWA consider use of new millimeter wave bands. This poses challenges for coverage, including increased path loss, weaker penetration through walls into the interiors of structures, and greater effects from shadowing of structures and trees on the outdoor propagation.

  4. 5G Urban Small-Cell Analysis

    With a tremendous increase in the number of connected devices and mobile data demand predicted over the next decade, the wireless communications industry is exploring new technologies to accommodate 5G wireless data systems, including MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) technology and millimeter wave frequency bands.  One of the more complex environments for these technologies are urban small cells, where the prevalence of multipath and non-line-of-sight conditions leads to many challenges, particularly at higher frequencies.

  5. Antenna Tripod: ATU-514

    A.H. Systems offers the ATU-514 “non-magnetic and non-reflective” antenna tripod designed especially for use in compliance testing.

  6. 5 GHz WLAN Front-End Module: SKY85726-11

    The SKY85726-11 is a 5 GHz WLAN Front-End Module (FEM) that is highly integrated and ideal for 802.11ax networking and personal computing systems, PC cards, PCMCIA cards, mini-cards, half mini-cards, and WLAN-enabled wireless video systems.

  7. Solid State Pulse High Power Amplifier: AMP4039P-2

    Exodus Advanced Communications offers the AMP4039P-2 solid state pulse high power amplifier for high-power C-band applications requiring high reliability and ruggedness. This small form factor rack mounted system operates in the 5.4 – 5.9 GHz range and features instantaneous bandwidth and built-in protection circuits.

  8. 1 – 8 GHz Octave Horn Antennas

    A.H. Systems offers the series of Octave Horn Antennas comprising octave bandwidth pyramidal horn antennas with excellent half power performance. With low VSWR, high input handling capability and rugged design make this horn antenna excellent for both immunity and emissions testing.

  9. 5 GHz Sampler Extended Real Time Oscilloscope: PicoScope® 9400

    The PicoScope® 9400 is a 5 GHz sampler extended real time oscilloscope that has been designed to combine the benefits of real-time sampling, equivalent-time sampling and high analog bandwidth. It features four 5 GHz input channels with market-leading ADC, timing and display resolutions for accurately measuring and visualizing high-speed analog and data signals. It is ideal for capturing pulse and step transitions to 70 ps, impulses down to 140 ps and clocks and data eyes to 3 Gb/s.

  10. Full Ka-Band Omnidirectional Antenna: SAO-2734033045-KF-C1-BL

    SAGE Millimeter offers the SAO-2734033045-KF-C1-BL full Ka-band omnidirectional antenna for 5G, communications, and EW applications in the 26.5 to 40 GHz frequency range. This is a vertically polarized antenna with 360 degrees azimuth coverage and a 7.5 dBi typical gain and ±1 dB nominal gain flatness.