Product Showcase

  1. 2 - 20 GHz Bench Test Synthesizers – MLBS Series

    Micro Lambda Wireless offers the new MLBS series of bench test synthesizers operating in the 2 – 20 GHz frequency range for use in production test sets, laboratory tests, and test equipment racks where generation of microwave signals is essential. These units provide +10 dBm to + 13 dBm output power levels and are specified over a typical lab environment of +15° C to + 55° C.

  2. 22 – 43.5 GHz Monolithic Amplifier: TSS-44+

    Mini Circuits released the TSS-44+ monolithic amplifier operating from 22 to 43.5 GHz to be used in 5G applications. This surface mount, MMIC amplifier with shutdown feature fabricated using E-PHEMT technology and is a fully integrated 3-stage gain block up to 43.5 GHz with excellent active directivity.

  3. Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET With Industry’s Lowest Rds(on) SiC At 1200 V: C3M0016120K

    Wolfspeed offers the C3M0016120K silicon carbide power MOFSET with the industry’s lowest Rds(on) SiC at 1200 V in a discrete package. With a simpler two-level topology made possibly by improved switching performance, designers are able to reduce the count of components within their system. The separate Keliven source pin can further reduce switching losses by as much as 30 percent.

  4. 2900 - 3500 MHz Solid State Broadband High-Power Amplifier With 20% Duty Cycle: SKU 2214

    Empower RF Systems offers the SKU 2214 solid state broadband high-power amplifier designed to produce a minimum output of 8kW peak pulsed power with 20% duty cycle. The 2900 - 3500 MHz pulsed amplifier features multiple high power GaN devices that provide wide frequency response, high gain, high peak power capability, and low distortions. Exceptional performance, long-term reliability and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, EMI/RFI filters, and all qualified components.

  5. Flexible Single Core Cable For Industrial Applications: RADOX® 125

    HUBER+SUHNER offers the RADOX® 125 as a highly flexible single core cable solution for industrial applications. With a concentric stranded conductor design, this core cable is easy to process and strip, leading to greater savings in installation costs and overall reduction in the related overheads.

  6. Flexible PCB Antenna For LTE CAT M1 And NB-IoT Devices: Revie Flex

    Laird Connectivity offers the new Revie Flex (EFF692SA3S) flexible PCB antenna for use in LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT devices. The antenna operates within the 698 – 875 MHz and 1710 – 2500 MHz frequency ranges and is optimized for use when mounted to plastic via the supplied adhesive backing.

  7. Outdoor MIMO Antennas For Urban 5G Deployments: SENCITY® Urban

    HUBER+SUHNER recently launched their omnidirectional and directional outdoor antennas for use in 4G and 5G deployments. The SENCITY Urban 100 and 200 MIMO antennas are as compact as possible for installation in discreet locations with their various types of mounting brackets.

  8. 28 – 38 GHz 0.4 Watt GaN Driver Amplifier: QPA2225D

    Qorvo’s QPA2225D is a wide band MMIC driver amplifier fabricated on Qorvo’s production 0.15 um GaN on SiC process (QGaN15). Covering 28 – 38 GHz, the QPA2225D provides > 0.4 W of saturated output power with >23 dB of small-signal gain.

  9. 100 MHz Universal Pulse Generator With Electrical Or Optical Outputs: Model 6040

    Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation offers the Model 6040 universal pulse generator with electrical or optical output options with adjustable rates up to 100 MHz. The system delivers superior performance characteristics such as timing accuracies of 0.01% for frequency and 0.2% for delay and width. The triggering jitter of 25 ps provides synchronizing capabilities usually associated with only the very best digital delay systems. Plug-in modules allow for the selection of required output configurations.

  10. Fastest, Most Broadband, Ultra-Compact, High Power Pin Diode Switch: CMSW2R-2-18G-25W

    Corry Micronics unveils the industries’ fastest, most broadband, ultra-compact, high power pin diode switch at IMS 2019. This switch combines ultra-fast switching speeds, broadband coverage, extremely compact package size, and high power capabilities into one device.