Product Showcase

  1. 3 Hz – 44 GHz MXE EMI Receiver: Keysight N9038A

    The Keysight N9038A MXE EMI Receiver is a standard-compliant receiver designed to perform EMC tests compliant with CISPR 16-1-1:2010 and MIL-STD-461 standards. Able to keep the test queue flowing with the desired accuracy, repeatability, and reliability, the N9038A reduces overall scan time with time domain scanning enabled by fast FFT scans. Ideal uses for the receiver include analog demodulation, basic IQ analysis, and commercial, and military applications.

  2. 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Solution: UTiFLEX-HF 

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers UTiFLEX-HF coaxial cables designed to provide a solid cable assembly solution operating from DC to 65 GHz range for 50 Ohm applications where flexibility is a key requirement. The cable solutions feature 70% VP cables and premium 80-85% VP cables for when critical applications need a phase stable solution with minimal signal loss.

  3. 4.0 kW TWT Compact Pulsed Amplifier: VZL3530J1

    CPI Beverly Microwave Division offers the VZL3530J1 TWT compact pulsed amplifier designed for L-band operation in test and measurement systems. The amplifier features 4.0 kW power, automatic fault recycle, user-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated computer interface, digital metering, and quiet operation ideal for laboratory environments.

  4. 2 - 20 GHz Limiter/Low Noise Amplifier: QPM1000

    Qorvo delivers the QPM1000 integrated limiter/low noise amplifier (LNA) designed to provide robust, high performance over the 2 – 20 GHz frequency range. The LNA features 17 dB small signal gain with gain control and > 18 dBm P1dB with a range of noise figure of 1.7 – 4 dB across frequency. Additionally, the integrated limiter delivers a robustness level of up to 4 W of incident power without performance degradation.

  5. High Efficiency Pulsed Microwave Power Module (MPM): dB-3756HE

    The dB-3756HE high-efficiency pulsed microwave power module (MPM) operates in the 9 to 10 GHz frequency range and provides 1 kW peak power at 20% maximum duty cycle. A periodic permanent magnet (PPM)-focused, conduction-cooled mini traveling wave tube (TWT) is used for power amplification, and a solid state driver amplifier provides the required RF gain.

  6. 60/40 W, 0.7 - 18 GHz Broadband Solid-State Amplifier: 60/40S1G18A

    AR offers the 60/40S1G18A broadband amplifier designed for operation in the 0.7 – 18 GHz frequency range in applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required. This 60/40 W model features low spurious signals, high linearity, and high tolerance, enabling it to be used in many RF applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna/component testing, and communication technology testing. It can be used as a test instrument covering multiple frequency bands suitable for a variety of communication technologies including CDMA, W-CDMA, TDMA, GSM, UWB, WiMAX, etc.

  7. PAM4 Modulated Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA) For 200GBase-LR4 And 400GBase-FR8 Transceivers

    HUBER+SUHNER offers a new ultra-compact, integrated PAM4 Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA) designed for compatibility with 200GBase-LR4 and 400GBase-FR8 transceivers. Yielding superior performance in a robust and reliable design, the multi-lambda 200 Gbps ROSA sets the standard for the next-generation of pluggable transceivers in data center and LAN applications.

  8. Cable Assembly Solutions

    Fischer Connectors offers a large family of cable assembly solutions designed for a range of applications, including in extreme, medical, military, instrumentation, and fiber optic applications. Engineers are prepared to work closely with customers to find the ideal solution for the most demanding applications. Fischer Connector series include the Fischer Core Series, Fisher Ultimate™ Series, Fischer Fiberoptic series, and the Fischer Minimax™ Series.

  9. Band 40 TDD LTE Amplifier Module: LTEMOD-2350M

    Corry Micronics offers the LTEMOD-2350M Band 40 TDD LTE amplifier module ideally suited for LTE signals in the 2300 to 2400 MHz frequency range. This high-power module features an output minimum of 25 W and supports the unpaired Time Domain Duplex Spectrum (TDD).

  10. LXI™ Millimeter-Wave Automated Tuners Series

    Maury Microwave offers a series of LXI™-certified millimeter-wave automated impedance tuners designed with onboard microprocessor and memory for varying the impedances presented to a device under test (DUT). These pre-calibrated, high-repeatability, high- accuracy tuners are able to calculate the probe positions required to present an arbitrary load impedance.